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    Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

    A pearl is a hard, round object formed inside the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. Like a clam shell, a pearl is made from a chemical compound called calcium

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  • vint and york homeframe (2)

    Try on Vint and York Eyewear and Sunglasses at Home

    NEW YORK, Apr 20, 2014/— Global eyewear company, Vint and York announces that customers can now try on both eyewear and sunglasses at the comfort of their homes with their

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    Trends: As Seen on Coachella

    Coachella is no longer just a musical festival. It has also become a place to watch for fashion trends. And these past two weekends, biggest trends are crop tops, maxi

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    Now On Line: b michael AMERICA

      New York, NY  April 17, 2014 Mark-Anthony Edwards, CEO of b michael AMERICA outlined to his Board of Directors aggressive plans to expand the b michael AMERICA Couture brand

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      New York, NY  April 16, 2014 In a runway show doubling as part magic show, the cabaret-like runway for Olympia Le Tan fall/winter 2014-15 revealed no shortage of black leotards and top

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