A Polished Pregnancy Wardrobe

    New York, NY November 21, 2014 Pregnancy is a stage of life defined by change: there are new roles to take on, skills to master, knowledge to acquire, and priorities

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  • grid_AS_LARGE_CH_v.48_JUMPSUIT

    All for One: The Modern Jumpsuit

    New York, NY November 21, 2014 The summer of 1919 was a scorcher. In Italy, an economic crisis and soaring fabric prices conspired to keep the masses sweating out the

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  • grid_ED_CH_v.50_ATEA_cover

    Laura Myers – Atea Oceanie

    New York, NY November 16, 2014 New Zealand-born designer Laura Myers believes in free association. The defining mantra of her one-year-old line Atea Oceanie is “everything with everything”—the philosophy that each of

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  • grid_ED_CH_v.52_CHRISTOPHE_lemaire

    The Intimate World of Christophe Lemaire

    New York, NY November 16, 2014 “I have always been interested in the intimate relationship we can have with clothes. Every morning everybody has to dress, move, and go to

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    New York, NY November 14, 2014 The Alexander Wang flagship at 103 Grand Street in New York now presents the latest “Cage” installation: five marble print surfboards made in collaboration with Hayden Cox’s

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