Sportive Clothing on the Rise

LONDON, Jul 28, 2012/ — Last night, the opening of the 2012 Olympics put the best athletes the world has to offer center stage. And what they were wearing also became as important which country they are from.

Team USA was wardrobed by Ralph Lauren, Team GB was kitted by NEXT, and Team Germany donned Bogner. Yet, the opening ceremony is but a small part of the Olympics, the larger and most important part is the competition themselves wherein big name sports companies like adidas, Puma and Nike dominate in dressing the world’s best athletes.

The 30th Olympiad underscores the synergy between sports and fashion with performance taking as much importance as aesthetics. Even during the off-years of the Olympics, this synergy thrives. There is Y-3, a brand partnership between Yohji Yamamoto and adidas.

Big names in fashion from Alexander McQueen to Kris Van Assche form collaborative efforts with sports houses that more often than not blur the line between high fashion and sportive clothing.

Still, amidst these recognizable names, new labels like Superdry rise and distinguish itself in this very competitive field. Inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.

This merging of influences and aesthetics make Superdry a unique urban clothing brand that has reached the consciousness of fashionistas and sports aficionados alike. In less than 10 years since its inception, Superdry today has 79 standalone UK stores, as well as concessions in 71 department stores. Online, Superdry is available on its eponymous website. You can also Shop online at Triple S Clothing for Superdry apparel.

Internationally, Superdry has stores across the USA, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia. In fact, it is sold in over 300 countries worldwide.