PARIS  September 28, 2012

There were three very intense days of prep before the show, but it was totally worth it. This was a very important show for Gareth, it was concise with a use of strong colour. Also it was really special to be back at the Palais de Tokyo, the venue he first started showing at in Paris.

The mood was dramatic. The beating of the water on the roof actually felt very appropriate. The soundtrack by Matthew Stone, which is normally quite hard took a new direction, with Kayley Chabot walking out in silence, the only noise being the tapping of her shoes. When the audio began, it was a Spanish widow singing Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’ (from the ‘Mulholland Drive’ soundtrack). Backstage, after the show, there were more than a few tears…

Favourite pieces were the ruffle looks. This show felt like a new benchmark but without losing its ‘Garethness’ – he made flamenco loud and pure.”