Christopher Lancaster & Alison Clancy: HUFF THIS!

NYC  October 31, 2012

Alison Clancy is a dancer at the Metropolitan Opera and a Wilhelmina model. Christopher Lancaster is a composer for dance and film. Few bands ever define a mission statement so straightforward. Yet, Huff This! spells it out from the very onset of their debut EP Tuff Love. These are drowning songs: whole oceans of ache and heartbreak that rear up into impossibly spiraling waves and crash down into depths unfathomable. The luminous pull of all this ebb and flow is Alison Clancy.

Huff This! is less of a band as much as it is Alison and her lunar pull. There is a core to her songs that draws in passionate collaborators and coaxes inspired performances from them. For TUFF LOVE it’s Christopher Lancaster and his otherworldly cello playing that floods Clancy’s songs with the intensity demanded of their author. Between the two of them, they lure the listener, lull them into acquiescence, sublimely sedate them, and have them thrashing about for air by the second track.  With or without accompaniment or additional band members, Clancy and Lancaster are an unpredictably combustible core of creative catharsis. Clancy is the sort of performer you cannot take your eyes off of and Lancaster is the kind of musician you can’t possibly believe is capable of the sounds he coaxes out of his cello.

Josh Berquist

Photo: Avery McCarthy

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