Henry Cotton’s Fall 2012 Menswear: Into The Wild

To step away from the city, to relieve stress and find a quiet haven, a man carries a map / GPS, backpack, hiking boots and appropriate clothing to weather without sacrificing style and good taste.

Suitable for this kind of travel is the Henry Cotton’s Fall 2012 menswear Rubica “Into the Wild” collection. The Norwegian pullovers that are puffy and light provide warmth and comfort. Available in all shades of gray, these sweaters are as welcome in the wilds as it is in the city.

Another standout is the tricot knitwear that explodes in a riot of bright colors that fade in their undertones oil, dark turquoise, green berries, colors whose reference is the landscape of Shetland Islands.

The processes is typical of fisherman mesh which are combined with jacquard patterns and evoke the flavor of those used by the pioneers of the past, but the softness, lightness and slim fit bring us back to the present.

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