Romanitza Claudia Iovan To Debut Her Collection in NYC

NYC  December 3,  2012

Romanitza Claudia Iovan started her career in 1991. A former model, her unique vision struck a cord with Romania’s elite.  Her collections have been profiled in magazines around the world and speak acutely to Manhattans’ sophisticated set and the red carpet of Hollywood.

Her current inspiration was found  in the Butterfly.  Grecian style dresses serve as a conduit to symbolize free flowing beauty and flight.   She was also honored recently with the prestigious commission of designing the costumes for the first Romanian Opera production of  “Romeo and Juliet” since the revolution.  In bringing her designs to New York City, she hopes to attract a new audience and open an atelier here.

House Of Romanitza will make its United States debut Tuesday December 4 at the Presidental Suite of the Kimberly Hotel.

We look forward to it!