Gianluca Galletto, Andrea Danese, Samera Abed

NYC  December 5, 2012

Italian menswear designer, Angelo Galasso hosted a Holiday Shopping Event with Save Venice at his NYC Flagship store located at The Plaza in the beautifully restored Edwardian Room. 10% of the proceeds from the event will go to benefit Save Venice and in the restoration of art and architecture in Venice.

Save Venice Inc., based in New York with an office in Venice and chapters in Boston and California, has raised more than 20 million dollars to restore the art and architecture of Venice.

Every year, the Board of Save Venice, including a Projects Committee of renowned experts, selects restoration projects in collaboration with the Venetian Superintendencies of Monuments, Fine Arts and Museums. Save Venice currently has numerous restorations underway throughout the city, made possible with support from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Attendees include: Hosts: Martin Dawson, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Beatrice Rossi-Landi, and Matthew White as well as Ashley Robert Altschuler, Herman Epstein, Bill Ettelson, Teresa and Ptricia Herrera, Nathalie Kaplan, Alexandra Lind Rose, Gillian Miniter, Sylvester Miniter, Martha O’Brian, Kimberly Putzer, Mary Snow, and many more!