HANES HOSIERY: Silk Reflectons Pure Bliss

HANES HOSIERY  "Silk Relections Pure Bliss"

HANES HOSIERY “Silk Relections Pure Bliss”

NEW YORK, NY  August 21,  2013/FR/


With more American women focused on wellness as an integral part of their daily lives Hanes has introduced their new line of hosiery:

“Silk Reflections Pure Bliss”.  A legwear collection for fall 2013/14 were beauty and wellness meets innovation.  A new generation of legwear that approaches a woman’s needs in a holistic way.  Beautiful, luxurious and aesthetically appealing. A true sensual indulgence.

Hanes’ breakthrough technology combines innovative yarns that micro-massage the legs with bi-directional graduated compression that invigorates and revitalizes the legs throughout the day.  Hanes is also partnering with yoga and lifestyle expert, Sadie Nardini.  As the Brands Wellness Ambassador Sadie will help to bring attention to the launch of Hanes new line of hosiery.

“I am delighted to be working with Hanes Hosiery on the launch of “Pure Bliss”. Wellness and health are such an important part of a woman’s life so it is wonderful that a prominent brand such as Hanes Hosiery recognizes that and has developed a product like “Pure Bliss” that helps women to feel good in each and every day they wear it.”

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The Launch Of Hanes "Silk Reflections Pure Bliss"

The Launch Of Hanes “Silk Reflections Pure Bliss”