Pareo Skirts For Cold Weather


After you get pareo skirts at, one thing that you may ask yourself is whether or not you can wear them in the winter. They are traditionally worn in the summer months, and they are actually designed to be useful when the temperatures rise since they can breathe, helping to keep you from overheating. The fact that they are so comfortable is just an added bonus.

However, some people love this comfort level and they do not want to give it up in the winter. Can you keep wearing your skirts even as the year moves into December and it gets colder?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. You can wear skirts any time that you want to wear them; they are in style in the summer, and they do not go out of style at any time of the year.

Other summer styles – such as white pants – are frowned upon if you wear them at the wrong time of year because of long established traditions. Skirts do not fall under this, so you never have to worry that someone will eye you with skepticism, no matter when you decide that you want to wear one.

The biggest thing to remember is that you still need to stay warm. Consider wearing a pair of tall boots along with the skirt, rather than the sandals that you may have worn in the summer. These boots will keep you far warmer; you will be surprised by how much having warm feet can impact the rest of your body.

They also help to keep your feet dry if you are walking in snow and freezing water on your way to the car or from your car and into work. Pick boots that have water-resistant sides and soles, such as boots made from leather or rubber.

Another thing that you can do to make yourself warmer while wearing the skirt is to add leggings or stretchy pants to the outfit. Since these are skin-tight, they will fit under the skirt with ease, unlike bulkier pants.

They give you the layer of warmth that you want without detracting from the way that you look. Your best bet is to get a pair of neutral-colored pants, such as black or white, because you can wear them with anything at all, but you could also look for some that specifically match your favorite skirt.