Holiday Gift Idea: Diamond Earrings

earringsA pair of diamond cluster earrings is a welcome sight to any woman who opens a small gift box. But, there are certain occasions that are especially appropriate for this sparkling surprise. One of those occasions is a 20 year wedding anniversary.

Diamond earrings are full of special significance for a woman who has been happily married to her husband for two decades. Learn about some other special occasions that call for a gift of diamond earrings.

The birth of a first child is a significant occurrence in the life of a couple. A husband who gives his wife (the new mother) a gift of diamond earrings is conveying how deeply he cares for her. He is also expressing how pleased he is that they are expanding their family. Every time she wears the earrings, she will be reminded of his love for her and their child.

Furthermore, diamond earrings are an appropriate gift to a woman when she and her husband adopt a child. The earrings hold the same amount of significance for a new mother no matter how the child arrives!

Diamond earrings are a wonderful birthday gift for a woman who is a cancer survivor. The first birthday after she gets a clean bill of health is a special one. A pair of beautiful earrings helps a husband or boyfriend to express just how grateful he is to have her in his life. She will treasure the earrings all the more knowing the significance behind the gift.