beach weddingThe economy is on its way to recovery, but that does not mean that everyone has money in the bank again. Couples may have decided to postpone having children until their economic recovery is more secure, but that does not mean that they have chosen to postpone marriage while waiting on rebuilding their financial future.

Some couples may have made budget choices in order to continue with their plans to get married. This may mean that they have opted to have a smaller wedding with fewer guests. It may also mean that they have chosen not to include fresh flowers or other expenses that will eat up the budget, but provide no lasting result.

There are other ways young couples can offset some of the more traditional costs of weddings. They may decide to postpone their honeymoon to that exotic island until their 10-year anniversary. They may decide that a cubic zirconia engagement ring might be a better option than the expense of a large diamond ring. They may have decided to host a dinner party in their home for their wedding reception rather than reserve a hall and hire a band. All of these little things can help to make a budget go a long way towards other things that they may need in the future.

A smart start to the wedding will take much of the stress off the newlyweds and their families. While a seven day honeymoon to a Caribbean island is a nice getaway, if it stresses the credit cards and causes them to go into debt, it is not much of a getaway since they will not be able to get away from the monthly bills.

The budget should not stop at the wedding. Many couples forget to continue to budget as they start their lives together. It is easy to enjoy a night out without breaking the budget. It is also easy to give each other gifts like jewelry that is affordable and very classy. By choosing to watch their money in the beginning, they will ensure that they have money when they get ready to retire.

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