Choosing The Finest Pearl Necklaces

Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, owned one of the most famous collections of natural pearls.

Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, owned one of the most famous collections of natural pearls.

Choosing the finest pearl necklace for a lady has more to do with her personal style than anything. Ladies want to wear jewelry that is going to make them look and feel amazing, and men need to understand how this jewelry works.

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One Long Strand

Most men see a long strand of pearls and imagine that it is only meant to be worn a it is. Some women will wear one long strand of pearls without altering it, but men need to understand that one long strand of pearls can be altered in many exciting ways.

Some women will tie a knot in the strand to give it a little character. Other women will tie multiple knots in the strand to create a necklace that look completely different.

Still other women will wrap the strand around their neck and create a choker that they can wear with formal attired. A man who purchases a long strand of pearls is giving his lady many options that she does not have with other jewelry.

In Combination

Many pearls are found in combination with other items on the strand. A pearl could be just one part of a much larger necklace, and ladies may enjoy all the parts of the necklace equally. However, the pearls are the star of the show when they are represented in a long necklace.

Short Necklaces

Some women prefer to wear just one strand of pearls that gently graces their neckline. These pearl strands are perfect for women who are wearing shirts, sweaters and dresses that leave their chest open. The pearls can be the main piece in a woman’s outfit, and she can wear that necklace every day as a part of her personal style statement.

When women want to wear beautiful pearl necklaces, they need their gentlemen to choose the strands that work best. Some women prefer a long strand that they can play with, but other prefer a short strand that can be the centerpiece of their style from day to day.