MFW: The Charm Of The Uniform GENTUCCA BINI SS/15


NEW YORK, NY September 25, 2014

For Gentucca Bini’s latest collection “The Charm of the Uniform,” the designer takes fashion back to the basics in her utilitarian inspired garments for Milan Fashion Week. Composed of overalls, smocks, and coats, Bini’s collection encompasses the comfort and simplicity of a uniform with sartorial flair. While the silhouettes remain simple, extraordinary attention to detail is put into the materials and stitching of each piece. Each article of clothing features lightweight fabrics in hues of bright orange, white, blue, and gray. While each garment has a slightly different cut, consistent elements such as stitching, buttons, and color choices tie the collection together.Above all, Bini’s inspiration for the looks comes from the practical necessities of her friends, who also double as models for the collection. For instance, Bini took into consideration her friend Pino Pipoli’s distaste for small collars and preference for light fabrics and her friend Luca Cipelletti’s need for functional overalls to wear to the construction site at which he works as an architect.