MARTELLA: A Small Capsule Collection Executed On A Grand Scale


New York, NY October 22, 2014

MARTELLA has set the stage for an explosive debut. MARTELLA is the  premier collection of luxury leather bags that colors outside the lines of day and night, beauty and purpose. Creating a refined line of bags that sets new standards. On the brink of launching into the worldwide spotlight, the 10 bag capsule collection will retail from $450.00- $1200.00.

The artist behind MARTELLA is Israeli designer IDAN YOSEFOV. The grandson of a shoemaker, Yosefov learned the art of leather craftsmanship at a very young age. Growing up in Jerusalem, he was also exposed to a variety of cultures the by product of an ancient and ever evolving city.

Handcrafted from rich leathers and with luxurious features, the bags bolster the individuality of those daring enough to make a statement. Yosefov explains: “Each MARTELLA piece is crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as artisans hundreds of years before us, yet with an avant-garde view that shatters all boundaries.”  Yosefov’s emphasis on fashion that cross genders and lifestyles will without a doubt solidify MARTELLA as a major player moving forward. Some of the bags in the capsule collection can be detached and re-attached to create  a whole new design; others can be carried in several different ways. In essence, the client  becomes a part of the design process, creating a new, individual experience.