All for One: The Modern Jumpsuit


grid_ED_CH_v.48_JUMPSUIT_bagfacegrid_ED_CH_v.48_JUMPSUIT_redbodysuitNew York, NY November 21, 2014

The summer of 1919 was a scorcher. In Italy, an economic crisis and soaring fabric prices conspired to keep the masses sweating out the season in their old clothes: greyish garments that were heavy and constricting. The Futurist artist Ernesto Michahelles, better known by his palindromic pseudonym, Thayaht, sought an affordable solution in the tuta, a T-shaped one-piece he designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and easily reproduced. With revolutionary bravado, young Thayaht described the new garment as “the most innovative, futuristic garment ever produced in the history of Italian fashion.” He wasn’t far off. Practical, elegant, and infinitely adaptable, the tuta was embraced by all segments of Italian society—and the jumpsuit was born.