grid_ED_v1.61_PREGNANCYWARDROBE_leatherjacketlookgrid_ED_v1.61_PREGNANCYWARDROBE_tuxedosideNew York, NY November 21, 2014

Pregnancy is a stage of life defined by change: there are new roles to take on, skills to master, knowledge to acquire, and priorities to adjust to, all compressed into nine months of shape-shifting anticipation. Before subscribing to the prevailing chaos theory, however, consider the calmer view of writer E.B. White, who nestled in his Charlotte’s Web the clear-eyed observation that “Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” This is precisely the perspective to adopt when assembling a wardrobe with trimesters in mind: rich and steady. Our selection prioritizes comfort and versatility without sacrificing refined materials, flattering silhouettes, and elevated details. 

A monochromatic look pairs pieces that are stretchy yet streamlined, including easy-fitting pants elevated by tuxedo-style side stripes and satin piping.

An extra-soft white tee and relaxed-fit trousers gain instant polish from a precisely tailored jacket, left unbuttoned and worn more like a collared cardigan.

Tossed over the shoulders, a leather motorcycle jacket retains its role as a rugged outer layer, adding ease and edge to the classic combination of a crisp white shirt and black trousers.