Do you feel like dancing?

Craig_Revel_HorwoodIf you have always loved to dance and you are having trouble deciding on a career to pursue, you might want to become a choreographer. This job will allow you to make money while also doing one of the things you enjoy most.

A choreographer is the person who creates dance routines for music videos, musicals, awards shows and other stage productions. Successful show business personalities such as Paula Abdul and Craig Revel Horwood started their careers in choreography before getting involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry. You can find out more about Craig by visiting Here is some information regarding how to become a choreographer.

Take some dance lessons

Even if you enjoy dancing and you have been doing it for years, you will need to get some professional instruction if you have any hope to make it in the world of choreography. Once you have been trained in many of the most popular forms of dance, you will be more capable of coming up with compelling dance routines for other dancers.

Go to a choreography school

Knowing how to dance is only half of your education. Now that you understand the basics of how to perform many different styles of dance, you need to learn what it takes to be a great choreographer. Some people are blessed with the ability to develop dance routines on their own. However, getting instruction from professional choreographers is never a bad thing. It helps to have input from people with experience in the industry.

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