Street-Style Fashion Straight From London

The taste-makers of the fashion world have spoken, and the top look of the fall is all about street style. City sophistication can be created with some strong combinations. Let’s take a look at to hottest trends to come out of fashion week.


These boxy-yet-chic fashion staples have come around again, this time with a fresh cut that makes them a little more practical for everyday wear. The jumpsuits coming down the London runways were cropped with pleats and a vaguely tuxedo-esque look. You can dress up – and warm up — a sleeveless jumpsuit by layering it over a lacy blouse or adding a long cardigan.


Cable knits are the go-to for fall fashion, and many women are eager to break them out of the closet. Street style calls for chunky knits paired with culottes or skirts, but it’s crucial that the sweaters be in fall hues such as oxblood or rich browns. You can go the opposite direction as well, choosing a fine-knit sweater for the office. Tuck your knit top into a short skirt and finish the look with heels for an ensemble that transition well from day to night.


Cooler, breezy days call for warmer outer layers that keep you warm but don’t compromise your overall look. Street chic looks are big on trenches, whether they are lightening up a dark color palette or finishing off a stripes-and-trousers outfit. Shearlings seem to be another hot trend, whether it is adorning coats, vests, or leather jackets.


Fabrics on the runway at London were presented in all types of patterns, from florals to herringbone. But two of the hottest choices are plaid and lace. Plaid has been prominent in retail clothing stores for at least a year, and this season it’s been corralled onto ponchos, scarves, and jackets. Lace, too, has enjoyed a lot of popularity lately. In London it was found as blouses, dresses, and tunics and worn with jumpsuits and trenches.

Tough and Timeless

One of the basic tenets of street style is that it has to mix urban toughness with timeless sophistication. Instead of head-to-toe leather, models were pairing a leather jacket with flowy high-waisted trousers and heels. Add a large leather handbag and you’ve got all the elements of street style.

The edgy feel of city chic takes advantage of contradiction when worn with classic clothing styles. Make this look work for you by combining these two approaches for street-wise ensembles.