Kristina Rihanoff: For the Love of Dancing

While many young girls aspire to become professional dancers, few think of how entrepreneurship can help them to achieve their dreams. Girls with big dreams should look no further than Kristina Rihanoff for inspiration. This Russian-born dancer has taken her passion for dance and turned it into a lifelong pursuit, while inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Girls and Entrepreneurship

It is rare to find a school curriculum that teaches entrepreneurship as a viable career path. Those students who have an entrepreneurial bent are often forced to find their own creative ways to indulge in their business interests and explore ways to earn a living while living their dreams. At age 14, Kristina Rihanoff became a professional dance instructor, using her lifelong dance skill to earn money for her family. Before she was old enough to drive, she was earning more money in a day than her mother could in an entire month.

Now a member of the cast of Strictly Come Dancing, a competitive dance show, Rihanoff lives the life that others only dream of. She also works as a choreographer, developing original work for television shows and commercials. Rihanoff is also a published author, and her books help to inspire other men and women who want to learn more about the dance industry.

When it comes to doing what you love for your entire life, Kristina Rihanoff is an inspiration to anyone who has ever caught the entrepreneur bug and desired to live out their life’s passions.

Ian_Waite_and_Kristina_RihanoffAt Westcroft Leisure Centre Grand Opening. Ian and Kristina get involved with the ‘Everyone Active Strictly Come Dancing Competition’ group warm up. Photo by Wesley Dryden, via Wikipedia