Manly Gifts for Less Than $100

Step away form the ties ladies! No matter how difficult your man is to shop for, the last thing he wants to open Christmas morning is another tie. In fact, nothing screams “I didn’t know what to buy you” quite as loudly as a necktie, so don’t fall back on this simple solution. Here are some creative ideas for items your man will actually be happy to receive so he doesn’t have to fake a smile again this year.

Tech Toys

Men love gadgets, and tech toys are at the top of almost every man’s list. Even the man who already has everything will enjoy lounging with his remote control helicopter or playing with a new mp3 speaker. Keep in mind that tech toys don’t have to be expensive. Many gadgets he already has likely work with accessories he doesn’t. If you can’t afford to get him the tech gear, grab him something that works with it. From high-end headphones to the latest video game releases, you can’t go wrong with tech toys for big boys.

grooming kitGrooming Kits

Don’t let his manly persona fool you. Most men are concerned about their image and spend more time primping than they care to admit. Get him a luxurious men’s grooming kit so he’ll have all the tools he needs to stay looking sharp in one convenient place. Kits also make it easy to keep everything coordinated when traveling, so this is the perfect idea for the man on the go.

Manly Kitchen Stuff

There are plenty of cookbooks on the market today that focus on the art of grilling, the love of meat and the joys of cooking with beer. There are just as many utensils to help men be manly and creative in the kitchen by branding their favorite sports team logo onto their steak or brewing their own beer. You can probably even find some tools for the man who enjoys catching and killing dinner for himself. Grab some interesting cooking gear for your budding chef and then invite yourself over for dinner to enjoy the fruits of your thoughtful gift giving.


When shopping for someone who has everything, consider giving them the gift of experience. Many companies now sell once in a lifetime opportunities to swim with sharks, raft the Grand Canyon or ski from hut to hut through the Rockies. These opportunities admittedly cost more than $100, but you can absolutely scale this gift down to a more manageable cost. Shop around for local experiences, like touring a local winery or visiting a tool manufacturing plant. These experiences should cost less than $100 but still provide an exciting memory that will last well beyond the holiday season.

Men can be hard to shop for, but with a little time and creativity you’re sure to hit on something he’ll love, so long as you stay away from the ties. There are lists you can look at that will give you ideas when you’re struggling and any one of these gift giving suggestions is sure to make for a happy holiday all around.