Curvy Pin-Up Calendar Is the Perfect Buy for 2016

Jen Oaks Curvy Girl calendar 2016

Jen Oaks
Curvy Girl Calendar 2016

NEW YORK, NY December 22, 2015

While we’re all for New Year’s resolutions like eating better and exercising more if it means a happier and healthier you, we’d also like to see people vow to embrace and accept their bodies in 2016 as well.

That’s why this new calendar by artist Jen Oaks is so special. In a similar way to the diverse Prielli 2016 Calendar, Jen’s work is a daily reminder that you’re beautiful just the way you are, by showcasing happy, confident curvy pin-up women.

“I think bigger bodies are sexy, and I wanted to create something that’s beautiful, different and relatable,” 38-year-old Jennifer told People. As for her evident obsession with the 70s era, she explained, “I wanted to take all my retro crushes and nostalgia and form them into hot lady characters, so I started sketching.”

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Jen has been inundated with orders for the 2016 calendar and is currently backordering until Christmas. At only $35.71 AUD a pop, self confidence has never been so affordable.

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