Three Things to Know About Mehndi Body Painting

The art of body painting that is found in India and eastern Asia is known as Mehndi, and it is growing in popularity. There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious is that it is beautiful. In addition, these tattoos are not permanent, so even an amateur can attempt to apply them to a friend or relative. If you do attempt your own mehndi, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Shraddha_Arya_wearing_a_Sari,_traditional_Indian_attireYou don’t need to be an artist
These patterns and designs are applied using stencils. Although it does take practice to make your body painting look good, you don’t need to have natural talent or have studied drawing. The stencils available already have the artwork done for you. All you need to do is apply the stencil to another person’s body and apply the henna. These latest mehandi designs can be found online. Craftsvilla is one example of where they can be found; there are many others.

Finding the right henna
The powder that is used to create the dye comes from the henna plant. One thing you must understand is that this powder is in no way standardized. Artists who specialize in mehndi body paint often use different mixes for their art. It is a question of experience and preference, once you have experimented with various powders. The most important thing for the beginner is to use fresh powder, and these can be obtained from dealers who specialize is this type of product. Starting with a quality powder means you can focus on the aesthetic elements of the dyes, and not be concerned about their quality.

Finding the right tool
There are several tools used to apply the dye to the skin of the body, and you should understand that there is no one correct tool to use. However, there are three standard tools: a cone, syringe and bottle. Traditional Indian artists often use cones made from plastic, but here in the west, it is a Mylar material that is shaped into a cone. Syringes are popular in North Africa, but you need to have a thinner mixture. Jacquard bottles are also popular. They are small plastic bottles that accept pointed metal tips.

The best advice for a beginner in mehndi body paining is to go slow and be patient as you learn about this fascinating and beautiful art. You may want to visit a professional artist and have a designed applied to your body. This way, you will be able to see exactly how it is done by a professional.