KFC Releases Two Supposedly Edible Chicken-Flavored Nail Polishes

KFC"s Edible Nail Polish

KFC”s Edible Nail Polish

NEW YORK, NY MAY 10, 2016

Something about it containing a drying agent makes us actively avoid licking our nail polish. Something about KFC accidentally serving one woman a fried kidney makes us not want to frequent the fast food establishment. Yet we’re oddly intrigued by the chicken chain’s new “Finger Lickin’ Good,” limited-edition, flavored — and supposedly edible — nail polishes.

As part of KFC Hong Kong’s new marketing campaign, the brand teamed up with McCormick, the makers of its secret spice mix, to create two savory polishes: “Original,” a glitter-flecked nude, and “Hot & Spicy,” a bright, sparkly blood orange.

In a statement, KFC explained the method and madness behind the lacquer: “KFC’s signature flavors…have been carefully formulated from natural ingredients into edible nail polish and packaged in a stylish glass bottle…to appeal to young consumers’ love of food and fashion. Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick — again and again and again.” We’re still torn between our love of Buffalo wings and our sense that anything similar to regular nail polish should be enjoyed only aesthetically.

For now, our dilemma is moot — the double release is limited to Hong Kong, though there is talk of mass production of either “Original” or “Hot & Spicy” after locals elect their favorite tasty hue.