Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman

NEW YORK, NY MAY 18, 2016

It hasn’t even been a month since news of Prince’s untimely passing rocked us to our cores. At the time, notable figures from all corners of the music, fashion and entertainment industries took to social media to eulogize one of the most iconic artists ever to have graced us with his powerful, gender-bending presence. Even without these testimonials, the rock god’s influence on the runways, stages and glossy spreads of the world would’ve been undeniable.

Prince was known for his funky, subversive, contradictory style choices. He oozed sexuality, yet referenced prim Victorian-era fashions. His sartorial arsenal included a seemingly endless pool of tight, high-waisted trousers, voluminous blouses and jauntily tailored suits in all manner of sequins, fringe, silk, velvet and lace that somehow accented his muscularity and masculinity.

With posthumous Prince tributes spouting from the mouths of everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Erykah Badu, we knew it was only a matter of time before a fashion bible issued their own cover. Surprisingly, it was the relatively obscure Harper’s Bazaar Serbia that was first out of the gate. Fittingly, the glossy chose a black woman to represent the Purple One.

Chanel Iman, who faded into relative obscurity after her split with rapper and fashion forerunner ASAP Rocky, poses in some of Prince’s most iconic getups for the June 2016 issue of the Eastern European monthly. Photographed by Joshua Jordan with art direction by Christopher Sollinger, the shoot features Iman channeling Prince circa Purple RainDirty Mind and Plectrumelectrum, notably.

In a particularly racy shot that the music legend no doubt would’ve loved, Chanel perches on a motorcycle on set in Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios, one of Prince’s favorite spots. Iman rocks a curly bouffant, luxurious fur and layers upon layers of alluring, chest-concealing chains.