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NEW YORK, NY September 20, 2016

Son Jung Wan took us back in time this season presenting a collection inspired by 1970’s fashion. Talk about feeling nostalgic when this groovy mood filled the room. Using funky colors including vivid reds, violets, emerald greens and metallic blues, the designer brought this generation back to life. Stripe patterns, enamels, tweed, sequins and florals made me feel as if I was playing dress up for a disco party. The designer has taken an era and made it new (which I love). What piece is still on my mind? A turquoise woven jacket complete with sequin embellishment. Rompers and one-shoulder dresses also took a modern day twist in the 70’s inspired collection.

Personally I found inspiration with each piece that came down the runway. I found them to be wearable and easy to interchange with current denim or pieces I already own. I love a Spring collection that leaves my wardrobe feeling fresh and revamped. I have found these to be pieces you will buy and continue to wear. Oh but wait, how could I fail to mention one of the best moments in the entire show? The one and only Pat Cleveland graced the runway with an energy that had us all going wild. She danced down the catwalk (in true 70’s fashion) and had the crowd cheering along. What a way to inspire every age in the room. Hello Spring, Son Jung Wan has us covered.

PHOTOs: Thomas Barnes