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NEW YORK, NY September 22, 2016

Jenny Packham who’s known for glamorous cocktail dresses and eveningwear did not disappoint with her Spring 2017 collection. A retro theme has been prevalent this season, and Packham gave us just that by opening the show with a gold flare jumpsuit and closing with flowing, lightly embellished dresses. This season she loosened up her silhouettes and focused on pieces that could be styled in multiple ways. One of my favorite looks was a pair of striped bell-bottoms with a white oversized blazer, a much more casual vibe for Packham.

The Spring collection was accessorized with large round sunglasses, really tapping into that 70’s glam girl. With sheer textures, psychedelic prints and feminine silhouettes, the styles were an overall hit. I found the pieces to be wearable and easy to add into your wardrobe. It’s rare that I find myself inspired by the whole collection like I was during Jenny Packham’s show. When the last gown came down the runway, it left me wanting more.

PHOTOS: Thomas Barnes