Top Fall 2016 Fashion Trends for Babies and Toddlers

cowboysbabysweatpants5Raising a child is arguably one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can have. From watching him or her crawl and walk to hearing your baby’s first words, there are many special moments to witness. For many parents, many of these moments revolve around styling your baby or toddler in adorable new clothes each season. There is nothing sweeter and more fun than choosing miniature high-fashion pieces for your child. For that reason, here is your guide to the top styles for babies and toddlers this fall.

Faux Fur

Often fashion trends for babies and toddlers mirrors what is currently big in the adult fashion world. This is certainly true of one of the hottest styles of the season: faux fur. From oversized fur coats to furry scarfs and boots, fur is a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. Not only will fur pieces keep your little one warm, but it will protect his or her delicate skin through the harsh winter months. This trend is great for boys and girls and can be found this season in a number of bold styles and patterns that are great for children.

Sports Wear

There is nothing more fun than Fall football season. From tailgates to games, you will want to make sure that your baby looks his or her best all season long. That is why baby NFL jerseys and other sports-themed baby clothing is a great buy. Stores like Baby Fans carry miniature jerseys so that your baby can support all his or her favorite teams and be the hit of the tailgate party!


Denim is another trend that will be big for young ones this season. There is just something about a toddler in denim that is downright adorable, making this a style that keeps coming back. Denim jackets are always a great choice that can be passed down once our child has grown out of it. Denim button up shirts are another great choice for fall that will provide both warmth and style for your budding fashionista.