DALLAS, Dec 7, 2009 / FR/ — Cropped pants, a timeless wardrobe piece since its breakout in the United States in the 1960’s, took the runway again this year at New York Fashion Week.

Designers such as: A_Detacher, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Marc by Marc Jacobs along with many others displayed their spring 2010 collection with the cropped leg being the primary trouser look this upcoming season.

The look comes in a variety of styles this time around for example, high-waisted cropped pants, cropped jeans, cropped catsuits/jumpsuits and cropped active-wear pants.

Cropped pants vary anywhere from just below the knee, to a little above the ankle and can be worn to work (depending on the type of trouser) or out and about on the weekends. They work well with just about any type of shoe, but successfully accomplish the look best in heels. Cropped pants visually makes one appear shorter, so heels elongates the leg and also places great attention on a very “haute” shoe!