Denis Gagnon exhibited at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

MONTREAL, Oct 26, 2010 /–Honorably trailing Yves Saint Laurent and preceding Jean Paul Gaultier in Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts, Denis Gagnon surely projects his expertise with comparable aptitude to these exemplary fashion icons.

A treasure to the Quebec fashion arena, Gagnon celebrated his 10th anniversary with an exhibition of his personal translation of sartorial splendor in addition to showing his 32-piece spring collection in Toronto.  The exhibition opens Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 to the public in the museum’s Contemporary Art Square, displaying 20 of his couture works. This is an incredible honor as he is the first Canadian designer chosen to be featured in the gallery.

Director of the museum Nathalie Bondil, proudly projects that “he works so hard. He is so deeply involved in his creations. He is so demanding in his art. He has no compromise, always wanting to be avant-garde, always wanting to recreate himself, always wanting to innovate. He’s so radical.”

Radical seemed to be an understatement as dainty silver chains dripped off of hangers in the most fabulous way, muted neutrals and greens saturated hand-dyed and bleached fringe pieces, and leather edged up draping fringe and rouged silhouettes. Here is undeniable innovation.
Here is talent beyond words, beyond all the prestige of museum worthiness, and beyond all jaw dropping responses. This collection is a conglomeration of breath-taking masterpieces, where simple fabrics are made into something inconceivable, brilliant, and wearable.
Photos by Mode Montreal