BACKLASH by Isamu Katayama Spring 2012: The Next Native Collective

PARIS, Jun 26, 2011/ — For Spring Summer 2012, Isamu Katayama refers to the word “native”, as “one born in a place” and as “American (native) Indian”.

Easy to wear with tribal and rock influences, we find Backlash’s most representative pieces: “product dyed” riders jacket are colored in green, orange or red; the suede shirt is tartan printed or western style; top leather pieces are combined with denim bottoms with various shapes.

The famous “crush denim” sees new comers: denim sewn with tailored method. The fabrics are lighter, the threads are thinner, and trousers are comfortable and elegant.

The artisanal techniques used for leather give an impression of “another age”, but in the mean time the items are fashionable and sharp.

The Next Native Collection is a mix of past themes, applied to new shapes and techniques. As he focuses on a craftsman’s approach with leather tanning technique, each piece comes out unique.

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