Contact Lenses: The Good, The Bad, The Fashion

NEW YORK, Mar 8, 2012/ — Worldwide more then 100 million people wear contact lenses, small corrective plastic discs that sit on the surface of the eye.

While contacts have many benefits, they also have many drawbacks and can cause serious complications if not properly cleaned, changed and stored.

Contact lenses are made either of hard plastic, called gas-permeable contacts, or soft plastic, known as soft lenses.

While gas-permeable contacts are harder to adapt to at first, they also allow more oxygen to pass through to your eye and cause less corneal irritation. Gas permeable contacts also last longer and correct certain refractive errors more effectively.

When it comes to the fashion of contact lenses, much has has happened in the last decade plus. The cosmetic benefit of not having to wear glasses is the main benefit of contact lenses for most people.

Contacts also don’t fog up, fall off during strenuous activities or interfere with wearing certain athletic headgear. It should be stated that contact lenses are not just for prescriptions only. One can now purchase contact lens in a variety of colors and design. One can actually coordinate their personal style to match their eye color.

GetLenses ( stocks a massive range contact lenses, contact lens solutions, contact-friendly cosmetics and even colored contacts. You’ll find all the big-name brands and manufacturers here including Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Air Optix, Bausch & Lomb and Ciba Vision. And, compared to high-street opticians, you’ll find their prices very, very low.

Many people like the idea of being able to change the color of their eyes. The natural color of your eyes is given to you at birth and is likely to stay the same throughout your entire life. With the help of color contact lenses, you are able to change the color of your eyes by simply wearing the lenses. Many people who purchase and use color contact lenses want their new eye color to look as natural as possible. In order to insure that your eye color will still look quite natural, it is a good idea to choose a color that is within a few shades of your original eye color. Prescription or not contact lenses have become an important part of many fashionistas’ wardrobe.

Errol Murray