A native of Chicago, Errol Murray is a graduate of Claremont, California’s Pitzer College with a major in Media Studies. After graduation, he worked in Hollywood’s Merv Griffin Enterprises, creator of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Moonlighting as a stylist, he dressed Hollywood’s A-listers that include Sharon Stone and Tia Carrere.

Bitten by the fashion bug, Errol left Hollywood and began his career as a freelance scout for Paris-based modeling agency Metropolitan. Errol went on to discover such faces as Hannelore Knuts. In 2006, Errol became the Paris Correspondent for FashionWindows. In 2010, he also started covering New York which led to his appointment as Editor-in-Chief of FashionReporters.

Errol divides his time between the islands of Manhattan and Kauai, Hawaii.


JF 06-05-09 10_11_03 0187A French native, Jean Paul Cauvin’s experience in fashion is varied and encompassing. He is also a respected journalist in his country and talented writer in his mother tongue: a journalist at   Fashion Daily News (Paris), he is also a regular fashion writer (in French) on www.puretrend.com and also on  fashion section of  the prestigious French daily’s website Le Monde (mode.lemonde.fr).

Currently acting as the correspondant in Paris for many international glossy print magazines and constantly traveling to cover the world’s Fashion Weeks. His resume includes Communications Director of the Parisian haute couture house Torrente and manager of supermodel and actress Laetitia Casta.


Born to a family of corporate gypsies, Sara Conde is a California native but spent her growing up years in different parts of the U.S. Like her parents who move where their jobs take them, Sara goes where fashion takes her. She currently spends her time between Paris, Milan and New York.


A Brooklyn native, Felicia Prince began her love affair with fashion at 5 years old when she played dress up with her mother’s high heels. Calling fashion as her first love, Felicia is the quintessential fashionista.