Manuel Bolaño

MANUEL BOLANO ANSWERS FASHIONREPORTERS’SEVEN QUESTIONS INTERVIEW BARCELONA, September 3, 2008 /FR/ – Born in 1984 in the very city of Barcelona, Manuel Bolaño has graduated in march 2007, thus finishing...
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Petar Petrov

PETAR PETROV ANSWERS FASHIONREPORTERS’SEVEN QUESTIONS INTERVIEW VIENNA, August 31, 2008 /FR/ – Among young fashion designers specialized in menswear, Petar Petrov is a very original voice. Playing with garment structure,...
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Nerea Lurgain

NEREA LURGAIN ANSWERS FASHIONREPORTERS’ SEVEN QUESTIONS INTERVIEW BARCELONA, August 30, 2008 /FR/ – Selected among the designers in the Bressol Project, Nerea Lurgain has also qualified to be among the...
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