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Alexander-Wang-Cage-Installation-1New York, NY November 14, 2014

The Alexander Wang flagship at 103 Grand Street in New York now presents the latest “Cage” installation: five marble print surfboards made in collaboration with Hayden Cox’s Australian surfboard brand, Haydenshapes.

The five handmade surfboards, which together form a monochrome gradient, showcase Wang’s sporty, yet elegant, modern aesthetic. The cage also contains a sculpture in the form of a black wave, which looms over the interior.

This limited series emerged from the desire to create a visual installation that still embodied innovation and functionality. With their co-developed design and the award winning Hypto Krypto model of surfboard, Wang and Cox have created a high-end and high-performance product.


PAULE KA: Leather Addict F/W14

Leather (4)

Leather (4)Leather (14)Leather (13)Leather (10)Leather (8)Leather (6)Leather (3)Leather (2)New York, NY November 14, 2014




New York, NY November 9, 2014

We like to think that style is built on solid foundations. One may own a show-stopping pair of wholecut Berlutis, a Balenciaga peacoat or a Raf Simons patterned shirt – but the steady staples, the classic pieces, are the key to a well-balanced wardrobe. Whether it’s a blue J. Crew chambray shirt or a good pair of Grensons, these timeless items form the basis of any look, in any season.




59d56aab-5f11-4c0d-828f-881037ea2af1Ms Brigitte Bardot and Mr Marcello Mastroianni in a still from A Very Private Affair, 1962

New York, NY November 9, 2014

We believe in the oft-repeated aphorism, “A gentleman uses a butter knife even when dining alone.” However, this isn’t about Downton Abbey pretensions, or Brideshead Revisited fantasies, it’s about living elegantly, and by extension dressing elegantly, wherever you are. Why let standards slip when you’re on home turf?

If you’re still unconvinced of the need to dress up at home it’s relevant to mention that, aside from delivery drivers and neighbours, the people who see you in your loungewear are the people whose opinions really count – wives, girlfriends, partners and children. Of course it’s true that no man is a hero to his valet (as Monsieur Michel de Montaigne observed in the 16th century), but that’s a reason to try harder in the company of your nearest and dearest, rather than relax into the sartorial depravity of faded old sweatpants. Just ask yourself if you’d like your girlfriend to start dressing in cut-off joggers and an old vest.

Like every other piece of clothing, pyjamas make a statement. They speak of a more civilised age, when men had time to read a newspaper while they ate breakfast, and enjoy a quiet glass of whisky before bed. They also tell a tale of much draughtier bedrooms than we’re used to, and hark back to the (now unthinkable) days when gentlemen didn’t work; the era of Mr PG Wodehouse’s fictional character Bertie Wooster, who rarely rose before 9am, and is said, in 1934’s Thank You, Jeeves, to wear heliotrope-coloured pyjamas. However, they still have a lot to teach us about style, elegance and doing things well, even if it’s sometimes hard to achieve these things while having to simultaneously earn a living.




712402c6-a402-4394-bda5-5e5775d11064New York, NY November 1, 2014

Mr Yutaka Goto’s love of surfing pervades everything he designs for Remi Relief, the casualwear brand he founded in 2007. The distinctive worn-in, faded look it has become famous for is specifically inspired by California’s sepia-tinted surf and skater scenes of the 1960s and 1970s; and such is Mr Goto’s meticulous pursuit of that authentic vintage feel that he set up his own factory in Okayama Prefecture – the home of Japanese artisanal manufacturing.

“I’m interested in new things and technology, but when I start researching I often discover old techniques and ideas,” says Mr Goto, 44. “For example, modern dyes are high in durability, but old dyes fade as time passes. This explains why clothes from the 1930-1960s are admired as ‘vintage’ all over the world. However, people don’t find value in clothes from the 1990s that are made with new dyes. It’s the visual sense of history that attracts people, and I use this essence to produce modern clothes.”

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