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How to Wear Sleeveless Shirts for Men

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sleeveless shirtsSleeveless t-shirts first started appearing on men in the 70’s and 80’s, and skyrocketed in popularity as bodybuilders and athletes began wearing them. However, they took a hit in the 90’s, and there are many ways to wear a sleeveless shirt and look ridiculous. These shirts are starting to come back, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid a fashion disaster. Here’s a guide to wearing sleeveless shirts for men.

Layering it

First of all, determine whether you’re going to be wearing the sleeveless shirt on its own or as an undershirt. Sleeveless shirts look great when layered under button down shirts or tees; they also work especially well underneath a basketball jersey. However, if you’re going to be layering, you should avoid any print or decoration on the sleeveless shirt and keep it a neutral color such as white, gray, or black.

Choosing a Color

If you wear the shirt on its own, however, then you have a lot more latitude in choosing the color. Blue, red, dark purple or green are all great masculine choices. You might want to take your skin tone into account, though—dark muted hues work better for men with heavy tans and dark skin tones, while brighter colors work better for paler guys. If you like the color and can wear it with confidence, though, go for it.

Rock the Shirt

Make sure that the shirt flatters your body type. Sleeveless shirts emphasize muscular physiques, flat stomachs, and large biceps. If you have an athletic build, then by all means go sleeveless. You can still get away with a sleeveless shirt if you have an average or stocky body however. Choose a looser shirt, which can make your chest look fuller and divert attention from your biceps. Also, darker colors can make the wearer look slimmer than he really is. If you want your chest to look fuller, try layering two sleeveless shirts together.

Don’t Show Off

Although a sleeveless shirt can make you look great, a little modesty never hurt anyone. Even if you have fantastic abs, it’s best to let other people notice on their own instead of showing them off through a small, super tight tank. If you wear sleeveless shirts that leave little or nothing to the imagination, then people are likely to notice your muscles first and your vanity second. Steer away from the tightest shirts and you’ll manage to show off your body without looking conceited. Also, stick with rounder necklines, since they show less skin.

Keep it Together

Try to balance your top and bottom. If you’re wearing a flashy sleeveless shirt with bright colors or dramatic prints, you’ll probably want to stick with plain denim or khaki shorts. However, plain shirts can look really good with patterned shorts or flashy vintage jeans. Don’t make your pants and shirt fight for attention.

Where to Wear

Finally, sleeveless shirts can’t be worn everywhere. They are great for casual parties, the beach, or the gym, but they shouldn’t be worn to work. Also, these only work in warmer weather. Sleeveless shirts in the winter just look silly.

There are many reasons to love sleeveless t-shirts—they’re cheap, versatile, and really enhance your physique. With a good shirt and these tips, you can’t go wrong, so get out there and lose those sleeves!

What to Wear With Leather Bracelets for Men

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leather bracelt 02Great style is about making the right statement with your clothing. So the next time you are shopping for trendy jewelry, consider trying on a few leather bracelets for men.

Leather has always been fashionable in shoes, outerwear and bags, but it is also quite popular with men who want to take a walk on the wild side with their fashion accessories.

If you are afraid of wearing leather jewelry, you are not alone.
Wearing too much leather on your wrists, feet and body can overwhelm any outfit; and the wrong colored leather can make your day or evening look appear out-of-touch or too much of a costume.

While wearing leather pieces can be tricky, you can use this guide to help you mix and match your leather bracelets no matter the time of day or the occasion – see more at

  • For Daytime Events: The right leather accessory can bring an edgy and interesting style to your daytime wardrobe options. Yes, you can unleash your inner biker by pairing a silver studded leather bracelet with an old college t-shirt, black boots and a pair of stonewashed denim. For daytime and weekends, however, wear a slim leather bracelet that complements both your long-sleeve dress shirts and khakis and your casual tees and denim.
  • For Dressy Events: If you are attending a dinner party or even a creative black tie event, a funky leather bracelet peeking out of the cuff of your dress shirt, is a safe way for you to express your individuality. While leather jewelry offers and edge to any outfit, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your basic black and blue suits or tuxedo with a simple leather bracelet.
  • For Nighttime Events: For nights out with the boys or if your work in a creative workplace, invest in a black, navy blue or white-colored leather bracelet. These neutral hues will complement your dressiest suits and your more casual nighttime wardrobe options. You can also stack or layer your leather pieces with silver and metal chain necklaces and other exotic materials, such as bracelets featuring beading, suede or pony hair.

Tips For Wearing Leather Bracelets for Men:

  1. Don’t wear your leather bracelets with leather leggings, jackets and pants. Wearing too much leather with your jewelry with overpower your daytime, nighttime or casual looks.
  2. You can, however, pair your leather bracelet with a leather messenger bag and leather loafers or boots.
  3. Leather bracelets come in all types and sizes. When shopping for leather accessories, you can choose from leather cuffs, leather and metal jewelry and braided or rope style leather bracelets.
  4. Avoid wearing the bracelet that you would accessorize your office or casual attire with when dressing for a more formal event. That means you should skip any distressed leather bracelets and wear metal jewelry that features small leather or suede accents.
  5. Colorful leather is appropriate for casual outfits, but stick to neutral-colored leather bracelets when dressing up.
  6. When pairing your leather bracelets for men with other jewelry, keep the total pieces of jewelry that you are wearing to a minimum. For example, you can pair your silver timepiece with a leather braided bracelet and your silver-toned wedding ring.

Shopping For Athletic Shoes


ralph laurenWhen shopping for footwear, it is important to know the exact use of the shoes that will be bought. There is tremendous variety in the design concepts of shoes that are made for various sports and athletic activities. Consumers should take their time understanding some of the features of different sneakers and footwear.

Basketball sneakers are ideally designed to give players maximum traction on the relatively slippery surface of an indoor court that has a polished wooden finish. Such shoes also give players a boost in jumping abilities.

chuck taylorBasketball sneakers may have spring like designs that allow players to get extra air time during jumps. There are also basketball style shoes that are designed to make a fashion statement. For example, classic style sneakers are available with flat soles and canvas materials that have been used decades ago in professional basketball.

Athletic shoes are usually designed to be lightweight, comfortable and efficient. Ventilation is also important in footwear that is worn during exercise and sports games. After all, athletes can expect to sweat a lot when running around for hours.

The insoles are designed to absorb and release moisture efficiently in order to prevent common conditions such as athlete’s foot. Speaking of insoles, athletes can always insert new ones in order to get maximum comfort while walking and moving in shoes.

noosaRunning, walking and training shoes are very lightweight. Such footwear is optimized to minimize the impact on the feet as well as joints such as the ankles, knees and even hips. The bottoms of running shoes are made of super soft material that is very flexible in order to absorb the impact that each step generates during contact with any type of surface.

Athletic shoes are available in a variety of sizes that are categorized according to U.S. and European standards. Additionally, some shoes may also vary in width to accommodate people with unusually wide or thick feet and lower legs.

The best selling sneakers are usually available in different colors. Laces can also be mixed and matched in various finishes to create bold fashion statements.

A store like Sneaker King and other shops are examples of online dealers that sell athletic shoes for men, women and children. When buying footwear online, it is important to understand the return policy. Usually, shoppers have between 30 to 60 days to send back unwanted shoes and request a refund or exchange.

How to Make Money Selling Tie Dye T-Shirts

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tie dye shirtsWith a resurgence of 60s styles, tie dye clothing is making a big comeback. A tie dye t-shirt shows your own style and individuality because no two designs are alike. You can earn extra money by selling t-shirts online and at street fairs and flea markets.

Supplies Needed
You can sell your original designs in addition to selling do-it-yourself tie dye kits. Tie dye kits are available online at reasonable prices if you buy in bulk. Try out a few until you find a few designs that you like. If you are doing your own designs, look online and at craft stores for bulk dyes and materials to dye your own shirts. You will also need a website, advertising, packing and shipping supplies and a good source of blank t-shirts.

Blank T-shirts
You can buy t-shirts in bulk from an online wholesale apparel company. Choose 100% cotton shirts for the best dye patterns. Don’t forget to allow for shrinkage if you will be using hot water. Decide whether you want to target men, women, children or all sizes. Concentrating on a limited size range may limit your market but will also limit your inventory liability. You don’t want to get stuck with dyed shirts in sizes that don’t sell. Check with suppliers on their return policy for unused merchandise. Also look for free shipping or shipping discounts.

Setting Up Your Website
Make a few samples and test them out on friends and family for comments. Take good clear photos of your shirts to use on your website and in advertising. Choose a web designer to create your site. Alternately, you may try one of the free websites and design it yourself. Choose a web hosting company that will give your site high visibility in search results. Create ads for social networks and video channels to advertise your t-shirts.

Selling Offline
Find street fairs, outdoor festivals and flea markets where you can sell your product. Also check out summer festivals, outdoor film shows, beaches and parks for vending opportunities. Be sure to wear your shirts and have business cards which display your logo and designs.

Made-To-Measure by Michele Inzerillo



New York, NY June 23, 2014

Michele Inzerillo for Gentleman will debut a “Made-to-Measure” premier event in New York from June 26-28, 9:30am – 8:00pm at Trump International Hotel. The “Made-to-Measure” event is a one-on-one session with Marco Inzerillo, President of Michele Inzerillo, where stylish clientele will be measured, fitted and given expert advice on fabrics, style and other custom options for suits, jackets, pants, shirts and ties.
This event is an exclusive tailoring experience that has been established in Hong Kong, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and for the first time New York to show that the art of dressing well is ever evolving for the modern man. Bespoke tailoring with luxury menswear brands: Brioni, Canali, Borrelli and Michele Inzerillo will be available for the client to try on and visualize their transformation before the custom suiting begins. The private “Made-to-Measure” event brings Italian traditions to America and New York for the discerning client who enjoys sartorial bespoke fashions and traditional tailoring techniques.
About Michele Inzerillo for Gentleman:
For over forty years, Michele Inzerillo for Gentleman has typified the finest craftsmanship for bespoke men using Southern Italian tailoring traditions. Su Misura (Made-to-Measure) is the hallmark of their extraordinary legacy – it encapsulates the unique relationship between sartorial style and Italian Luxury.
About Marco Inzerillo:
As the founder’s son, Marco was influenced from an early age with the sense of what creates great style. He is an expert in traditional Italian tailoring techniques and is passionate about continuing his family legacy of “Made-to-Measure” tailoring with a contemporary modern aesthetic.


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