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Madonna Performance Look

Madonna Performance Look

New York, NY February 9, 2015

At the 57th Grammy Awards, Madonna rocked the stage in a chic, matador look that reflected the duality of her two personas, created by celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke using exclusively Chantecaille products.



“Madonna and I collaborated to create a look that reflects and enhances her new Rebel Heart album. The title represents the two facets of Madonna: the rebel, freedom fighter and her other side, the ultimate romantic who is “Living for Love,” (the title of her new single). The look is inspired by Madonna’s feeling that a person has many facets and can be more than one thing at a time.”


“Her performance and red carpet looks are reflected in a chic matador look. I wanted the makeup to capture and define the duality of her two personas, strong and sensual.


“For the ultimate eye accessory, I collaborated with an artisan jewelry designer to create a eyeshadow made of real crushed champagne diamonds. We were excited to finally have the opportunity to debut it during her Grammy’s performance tonight.”



  1. I began by defining the brows using the dual ended Waterproof Brow Definer in Oak Brown. The triangle tip creates an effortless and precise application.

  2. For eyeshadow, I used The Glacier Eye Shade Trio. I began by sweeping Iceberg (the lightest shade) across the center of Madonna’s lids as a base. I also added this shade to the inner corner to create the illusion of brighter, wider eyes.

  3. In the crease, I mixed Polar Light and Arctic Dusk from The Glacier Eye Shade Trio. I topped it off with Patchouli Lasting Eye Shade to intensify the crease and create depth.

  4. When applying makeup for a stage performance, I need to use products that are reliable. To accentuate and enhance Madonna’s eyes, I used 24H Waterproof Liner in Black, starting at the inner corner of the eye and working outwards towards the outer corner, elongating the line of the eye.

  5. For a stage performance I always apply liquid eyeliner. I like Le Stylo Ultra Slim Liquid Liner in Black because it’s not only water resistant, but it intensifies the line under the strong stage lights.

  6. For long beautiful lashes, I used one of my favorite mascara’s of all time, Faux Cils Mascara in Black.

  7. Rather than using shadow to accentuate the brow bone, I applied Brow Lift Èclat, which created a softer more subtle effect.


    1. For luminous glowing skin, I applied Liquid Lumière in Sheen to the high points of Madonna’s face. I started at the arch of the brow, moving down to the center of the cheek and went down the bridge of the nose, applying in the direction of the hair for a smooth application.

    2. To contour, I applied Cheek Crème  in Shy right below the cheekbone and then added Cheek Crème in Playful to the apples of the cheeks for a pop of color.

    3. To set the look, I used HD Perfecting Powder. I love this powder because it was specifically created for high definition cameras, leaving a flawless matte finish, ensuring long lasting wear. 



    H. To create a flawless natural complexion, I used Future Skin Foundation in Porcelain. It’s an oil-free formula and has a light reflective circular pigment that reduces the appearance of any imperfections.

    1. For the red carpet, I used Lip Definer in Discreet and Hydra Chic in Arctic Rose.

    2. To amp up the look for her performance, we switched to a red lip. I applied Lip Definer in Desire all over the lips to create a very matte finish.

    3. To accentuate the upper lip, I applied Liquid Lumière in Sheen to the philtrum.

Perfect Lingerie



PAGE-1-IMAGEJournelle-lingerie-models_1_multiNew York, NY February 6, 2015

Lingerie is one of those things that you either love spending money on or hate having to budget for. When it comes to buying and wearing lingerie, there are some certain rules that can make your life easier – and sexier.

For perfect lingerie, every time:

Always Get Properly Measured


Most lingerie shops will have a free fitting service, where an assistant can measure you up in the changing rooms. You could do it yourself at home, but you’re not always going to go the exact measurements if you do it this way. Best let a professional handle it, even if it does feel a little bit embarrassing. Most will measure you over your top if you ask, but you will need to take the bra you are wearing off. 

By getting measured properly you can avoid any of those awkward situations, like back boobs (gross) or straps digging into your shoulders. Once you have been measured it will then become a breeze to pick the best lingerie for you. It will also stop underwear from digging in or causing any discomfort when you’re wearing it all day.
Pick Shapes That Flatter Your Body.

A Matching Set Is A Must.

Invest In Special Occasion Lingerie

It’s Okay To Have Some Cheap Underwear








New York, NY November 9, 2014

We like to think that style is built on solid foundations. One may own a show-stopping pair of wholecut Berlutis, a Balenciaga peacoat or a Raf Simons patterned shirt – but the steady staples, the classic pieces, are the key to a well-balanced wardrobe. Whether it’s a blue J. Crew chambray shirt or a good pair of Grensons, these timeless items form the basis of any look, in any season.

Fur Coats For All Occasions

ml furs 04

ml furs 03Many people choose to wear fur coats because of the luxury and the beauty of the items.

Someone who is searching for these coats can look in a place like for these coats, and they can choose from a number of styles.

Each style of the mid-length coat is something that will match a style point of view of each wearer. The owner of the coat must feel comfortable in the coat, and they must feel like they are wearing the right thing for the occasion.

The Size

The size of these fur coats depends on what the user needs. The comfort of the coat is determined by how much lining is included in the coat. The lining can be made from different materials, and the lining can be packed for more warmth.

Also, the lining can be designed to be plain or fashionable. The owner of the coat must make sure they are wearing a coat that is going to suit them for most of the year. This depends on the weather, wardrobe and needs of the owner.

The Fur

The fur on the coat can come in many different lengths. Some people prefer to wear coats with thick hair, but there are just as many people who prefer to be in coats with short hair. The coats with short hair provide the wearer with comfort without giving them too much to take care of.

A long hair coat is hard to take care of, but it appears to be more luxurious. The short hair coat is easy to take care of, but it may not be as warm.

The Colors

The colors of the coats depend on the needs of the user. Some people can wear these coats to work every day, but others can wear these coats for the shock value.

These coats go with casual clothes when the colors are wild, and these coats work better with formal clothes in more muted colors.

People who are looking for nice fur coats to wear to and from work every day, to formal events or on the town have their choice of many sizes and styles.

Photos courtesy of ML Furs

How to Pick the Perfect Ring

diamond ring2

diamond ringChoosing the perfect diamond ring can be tough and burdensome. It should not be like that. It may be the time for you to propose to your future bride-to-be and select her engagement ring.

Men can find this task to be complicated struggling with the different diamond options. Such an important even requires a special diamond and not just any diamond will do. By choosing your future bride-to-be’s engagement ring you are demonstrating to her your professed love.

Perhaps you want to surprise her with the engagement proposal and you are selecting the ring on your own. Modern society no longer frowns upon men seeking help but many men still select the ring themselves.

Diamonds come in different cuts and shapes to satisfy the unique taste of future brides. Here we present three different types of diamond cuts to choose from:

1. Round Cut Diamonds – Round Cut diamonds were developed in 1900 and remain the number one popular choice. It is the traditional diamond cut with astounding optics. The Round Cut diamonds are sometimes referred to as Round Brilliant diamonds as well. In terms of insurability due to the safe shape of the Round Cut diamond it can be a great option. This will give you the satisfaction you may want knowing your investment is protected.

2. Princess Cut Diamonds – Not to be over shadowed by Round Cut diamonds the Princess Cut diamonds are another popular option for engagement rings. Slightly more modern as they were created in the 1960s it is still a popular choice nonetheless. Women regardless of its fairly recent prefer this cut too. The Princess Cut is either in a rectangular or square shape. The unique brilliance of the Princess Cut diamond distinguishes it from the other cuts such as the Round Cut diamonds.

3. Cushion Cut Diamonds – Diamonds that resemble a pillow or cushion are called Cushion Cut diamonds. These diamonds were named from their particular shape. The Cushion Cut diamond has rounded corners and is found as a square or a rectangular shape. There are two variances such as the Modified Cushion Brilliant and the Antique Cushions which both have a noteworthy beauty.

Any important event such as a marriage proposal merits the importance of having an admirable engagement ring. After all your future bride-to-be will be flaunting the ring you chose for her on a daily basis.

With these suggestions you can have the peace of mind you seek in knowing your future bride-to-be will be more than pleased. It is a great satisfaction knowing you selected the best possible diamond ring.

Men’s wedding rings in Melbourne can assist you in selecting diamonds with the broad selection offers. Specializing in only high quality diamond rings, Atlantis Diamonds has rings from wedding to engagement rings. When you need great diamond engagement ring Sydney residents trust, visit

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