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Trends: As Seen on Coachella


Coachella is no longer just a musical festival. It has also become a place to watch for fashion trends. And these past two weekends, biggest trends are crop tops, maxi skirts, shorts, fringe, lace and bandeau tops.

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Makeup Guard: Summer Beauty Essential under $10


makeup guardKeep your summer whites fresh and your powder in place with the help of Garment Saver’s ingenious Makeup Guard.

From sun-kissed cheeks to peachy keen lips, summer’s must-have styles look fantastic on her face but leave something to be desired when smudged on her tee.

At Garment Saver they have developed a unique new tool that allows women and men to flaunt their favorite hues and hairdos while ensuring their clothing is kept neat and clean.

Their Makeup Guard is an easy and affordable way to ensure her hair, clothing, and makeup remain perfectly posh for every big event.

Forgot to dress before making a makeup mess? With Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard changing into that little black dress or tight tank top doesn’t have to end in tears. These sheer covers are made from a pliable knitted fiber blend similar to gauze that is designed to gently stretch over hair styles and makeup in order to create a barrier against unwanted contact. Its unique build easily stretches to cover elegant up-dos without clinging to the face or hair, and can be used as a disposable item or re-used as desired.

Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard just might be the last minute lifesaver she needs when preparing for everything from summer weddings to weekend window-shopping. Available in either a convenient travel size three pack for $9.50 or fifty piece box for $24.99, there’s nothing like packing a little peace of mind when heading out on summer adventures.

After several years as a clothing designer on 7th Avenue, founder of Garment Saver Sheryll Fraze moved to California to pursue a career in design and retail management. Garment Saver has come to encompass a number of Fraze’s innovative brands, and offers an evolving collection of stylish products and care tips that help customers organize and save their fashion sensibilities and ensembles from everyday disasters.

Choose A Trendy Diamond Fashion Ring for Every Occasion


There is no such thing as having enough diamond rings in your jewelry collection. Diamond rings never go out of style. Fashion diamonds continue to be a great accessory that can be worn during any type of occasion.

Traditional designs are always popular, but there are some current trends in ring design that is worth taking a look at. Dazzling modern diamond rings draw attention and adulation for their uniqueness.

Delicate Twin Rows

For many years women have loved wearing a delicate single row of diamonds around their fingers. Rings feature a thin band of gold or silver with numerous pave style diamonds. The double diamond band ring provides twice the amount of luxurious beauty. These stunningly elongated rings feature one or two glittering rows flanked by two bands filled with delicate diamonds. These thin designs are sometimes referred to as a skeleton.

Garden Theme

Beautiful flowers spring to life on your finger in dazzling forms of cut diamonds and gemstones. There are designs where the gemstones become flower petals with diamonds clustered in the middle. Or, choose a flower themed style made entirely of tiny white, yellow and rose color diamonds. Flower rings are a perfect accessory for a cocktail dress, or when minimal jewelry is required.

On the whimsical side of things, you could choose a bejeweled garden frog. Frogs are fun too.

Champagne Diamonds

Champagne is normally associated with celebrations and feelings of optimism and good cheer. Champagne diamonds are colored diamonds that make you feel good every time you look at them. This bubbly feeling is recreated in various designs that are becoming increasingly popular among ring lovers. Champagne stones have a pleasing blush color that mimics real champagne. These diamonds are used to create any number of stunningly gorgeous designs. This is the ring you want when you have an important event that calls for the ultimate in class and style.

Champagne diamond rings may feature large rows of diamonds or be used to accent other gemstones. These rings are valuable and timeless. They make a bold fashion statement that is truly unforgettable.

Large Gemstone with Diamonds

There are times when the occasion calls for jewelry that is big and bold. Large gemstones surrounded by glittering diamonds are amazingly impressive on any finger. Big is beautiful.

When following the latest diamonds NYC trends in fashion rings browse beautiful ring collections online to see all the current styles.



A selection of festival pieces perfect for Coachella!

Coachella style

Bold floral prints from Playful Promises and Whistle & Wolf
Vibrant rosewood jewellery from the Branch at Lulu Winter
Colour pop satchels from Betty Brice and stand out from the crowd in a Lily Kamper column pendant.

Coachella style

Taking Care of Your Wig

hime cut wig

Hime_cutIf you want your wig to last for as long as possible, it is a good idea to care for it as if it is real hair. This is because wigs can fray, clump and act like normal hair while you are wearing them.

Those who choose to color their wigs should take care not to overdo it. Although wigs aren’t necessarily expensive to purchase, you don’t want to have to buy a new wig once a month simply because it isn’t the right color anymore.

When you decide that it is time to clean your wig, make sure to follow the directions on the wig. You don’t want to throw it into the washing machine on cold if the directions say to wash it in warm water. Additionally, you may not want to put in any other colored garments if you decide to machine wash your wig.

Whether you decide to wear a wig because it is part of your job or because you are trying to cover up your baldness, it is important to treat your wig right. You can visit retailers both offline and online that sell wig care products that make it easier to properly care for your fake hair.

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