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How to Make Money Selling Tie Dye T-Shirts

tie dye shirts2

tie dye shirtsWith a resurgence of 60s styles, tie dye clothing is making a big comeback. A tie dye t-shirt shows your own style and individuality because no two designs are alike. You can earn extra money by selling t-shirts online and at street fairs and flea markets.

Supplies Needed
You can sell your original designs in addition to selling do-it-yourself tie dye kits. Tie dye kits are available online at reasonable prices if you buy in bulk. Try out a few until you find a few designs that you like. If you are doing your own designs, look online and at craft stores for bulk dyes and materials to dye your own shirts. You will also need a website, advertising, packing and shipping supplies and a good source of blank t-shirts.

Blank T-shirts
You can buy t-shirts in bulk from an online wholesale apparel company. Choose 100% cotton shirts for the best dye patterns. Don’t forget to allow for shrinkage if you will be using hot water. Decide whether you want to target men, women, children or all sizes. Concentrating on a limited size range may limit your market but will also limit your inventory liability. You don’t want to get stuck with dyed shirts in sizes that don’t sell. Check with suppliers on their return policy for unused merchandise. Also look for free shipping or shipping discounts.

Setting Up Your Website
Make a few samples and test them out on friends and family for comments. Take good clear photos of your shirts to use on your website and in advertising. Choose a web designer to create your site. Alternately, you may try one of the free websites and design it yourself. Choose a web hosting company that will give your site high visibility in search results. Create ads for social networks and video channels to advertise your t-shirts.

Selling Offline
Find street fairs, outdoor festivals and flea markets where you can sell your product. Also check out summer festivals, outdoor film shows, beaches and parks for vending opportunities. Be sure to wear your shirts and have business cards which display your logo and designs.

Clutchette Power: Phone Charging Convenience in the Bag


chicbuds_clutchette_lifestyle1Smartphones has redefined the term “to plug-in” and ever added a new term in the urban dictionary, “low bat”. Like most smartphone users, searching for the nearest wall socket or charging station is already second nature.

What if it is possible to take charge of your battery life and still do it in style? Fashionistas are letting out their secret of how their smartphones keep up – Clutchette Power, the fashion clutch with a built-in phone charger.

With Clutchette Power by Chic Buds, phone charging convenience is in the bag…literally! Inside each Clutchette is a lightweight, ultrathin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go. So light it’s practically undetectable!

Featuring built-in USB cords for easy charging of both phone and Clutchette, it’s always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge.

Plus, with its chic design and room for keys, lip gloss, and other essentials, Clutchette Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power.

Stylish enough to be carried alone and small enough to throw into a bigger purse or bag, Clutchette Power stores and conceals phones, cords, and battery in one pretty pouch. Plus, its included attachable wrist strap converts your Clutchette into a chic wristlet for nights on the town.

Additionally, there are three battery indicator lights show how much charge is left. Available in four chic must-have metallic colors: Jaqueline (pink), Emma (black), Taylor (silver), and Rae (rose gold), it’s the perfect companion for any fashionable super girl from the jet-setting professional to the ever-active tween.

Clutchette Power is a reasonable $49.99 and can be purchased online at

2014 Trends In Swimwear for Real Women


swimwear1It’s okay to admit that you don’t have a supermodel figure. Similarly, it’s okay to admit that you are no longer a 16-year old girl. You can look fantastic by choosing trends that fit your style and make you comfortable. Additionally, you do not have to sit on the beach in a smock after you turn 30, and you do not have to follow strict rules. Focus on swimsuits that accentuate your best assets instead of swimsuits that hide the less flattering parts of your body.

Color Blocking Works With Every Figure

Choose different sporty styles that have large blocks of colors and bold lines. Many women have a naturally slim body and want to draw a little extra attention to their best features. On a related note, many women that are not super slim want to draw extra attention to the right places. Instead of hiding under an umbrella, wear a tank suit with bold color blocks and stripes. After all, who doesn’t want to add shape without adding bulk?

Flatter a Small Bust

Go retro to choose what you want to show off. Choose a one-piece suit with higher cut bottoms to elongate legs, and choose a great color to go with it. Embrace different vintage patterns and detailing to draw attention to your swimsuit and your best features. Retro styles are flirty, feminine, and diverse. Don’t forget to choose a color that makes your hair and face pop.

Keep a Large Bust Under Control

No woman wants to lose half of her swimsuit in the pool or accidentally flash throngs of unsuspecting sunbathers. It’s the kind of things nightmares are made of. Get a suit with a solid bra, and choose bold prints to make it more modern. Hawaiian and island prints are a great way to turn a matronly look into a fun one, and they are popular this season. Bright prints with fuchsias, pinks, and purples look good on almost any skin tone, and a bikini might be the way to go.

Big and Beautiful

Plus-size swimwear does not have to be depressing. Get away from traditional black, and choose chic shades of gray. Opt for a tank that has an overlay. Tie the overlay up or down, and feel confident. Show off curves with a plunging neckline, and be ready to turn heads in all the right ways. It’s important to find the shade of gray that looks best with your natural skin tone and does not wash you out.

Should You Go for the Bikini?

There is a bikini out there that can help balance different proportions for different body types. A bikini can help boost a small bust or draw attention away from larger bottoms. Women with pear-shaped bodies can choose to pair a detailed top with a plain bottom to draw attention upward. Similarly, women with A-line bodies can choose a bikini that fits well and does not overpower fine features.

The Biggest Swimwear Fashion Mistake

With few exceptions, the biggest mistake women can make is to hide under an umbrella in a large black suit. Follow the latest summer fashion trends to find the swimsuit that makes you look and feel great about your body, and look forward to swimsuit season.

The Benefits of Body Shapers


shapewear2Body shape wear is an integral piece of many women’s wardrobes. Why? Because shape wear helps to tone and tuck nearly any problem area on the body. Whether the ideal piece is a full body garment that tones every part of the body, or one that is designed to target one specific area, there is something to help anyone get the look they desire. There are so many different areas of the body that can be improved by body shapers.


There are many body shapers available from online retailers like Classic Shapewear that help to lift and shape the derriere. Whether that shaping should come in the form of a panty, a body suit, or a girdle is a matter of personal preference. Whichever type of garment is chosen, there is one thing that will always be certain. The wearer’s butt is going to look fierce. There are even panties that give an additional boost through padding. These panties add to a butt to make it look more full and perky.


The stomach is a huge problem area for many women. For some people, having shapewear available that is specifically designed to make the stomach look flat and shapely is a huge relief. There are many types of body suits that are specifically designed to flatten a person’s abdominals and give shape to their body. They can also be used to improve a person’s posture.


Thighs are another huge problem area. Thighs are strange areas because they can be large while the rest of the body is small. For that reason, thigh slimmers are important. They can help keep thighs in check and make them tighter. There are other options that help shape more of the leg, as well. There are some that reach the mid-thigh area, some that end just above the knee, others that end just below the knee, and still others that shape all the way to the ankle. These give women different options in what they are wanting to shape and how completely they want their legs to be shaped.


There are many options that help to shape and lift the bust area. Many body suits have built-in bras or underwire to help shape the area, while others allow the wearer to choose their own bra to wear with the suit. Either way, the body suits are still designed to help lift the bust to its ideal position. This also helps to improve posture.

Hips and Love Handles

No one wants to talk about love handles. They are troublesome and unattractive, but nearly everyone has them. Even young people have them. Body shapers can help trim love handles and hips down to size. There are many products available that are specifically designed to help smooth out the hip area, giving it an even, attractive look. These also often help work on the stomach, so that everything looks even and equally shapely.

Improving the body is everyone’s right. There is no need to simply be stuck with what you have been given. Body shapers give many people the opportunity to instantly appear more like they wish to be. Body shapers are designed to improve many different common problem areas.

Buying Something That Looks Good

shopping online2

shopping onlineYou always want to look your best when you go out whether you have thousands to spend on clothing or have a tighter wardrobe budget. The good news is that online retailers allow you to look like a million bucks even if you don’t have $1 million to spend on a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Online retailers can afford to charge less for their goods because they don’t have to pay to display merchandise or keep a physical inventory in their stores. Instead, they merely send a purchase order to a warehouse and send it to the customer. Companies also offer discounts to customers because they want them to come back to their website the next time that they need shoes or a handbag.

Clothing retailers know that both men and women deserve to have access to fashionable clothing regardless of how much they have to spend. Although men aren’t known as shopaholics, they do like to make sure that they have clean clothes and a nice watch to go with those clothes. If you need to find something fashionable for yourself, you can shop for designer fashion online at Tuchuzy or any site that you feel comfortable buying from.

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