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Clothes for the Cause: Upcycling Your Old Outfits For a Good Cause

clothes for the cause

clothes for the cause2In the world of fashion, being environmentally conscious is in. With companies like Warby Parker or Nice Laundry actively trying to make a difference, it is quite easy to find brands that align with some environmental or socially moral code. Other times, simply supporting a specific brand isn’t enough. What more can we do?

Sometimes we’re able to get money back for old and used clothes because they are in excellent condition and/or because of their designer labels. In these cases for the sake of our own budgets, it may be wise to sell our clothes, have them sold in a consignment shop, or send our high-end fashions to online resellers to get the most bang for our buck. But in some cases, the clothes we have collecting dust in our closet that simply won’t resell are better to donate.

Of course, there are the classic methods of donating—Goodwill and other types of local thrift stores happily accept our garments and other used goods and we can receive a tax write off for this. But a new trend is creeping up that might offer more overall good for the global community: upcycling.

A new charitable organization, Clothes for the Cause takes your used items (and in many cases even your very used items) and repurposes them into rags, fiber for home and shelter insulation, and more. In this way, all of our old garments do a great deal of good for people who need raw materials to make everyday items to keep warm and clean.

Each year in the US, billions upon billions of clothes are needlessly and thoughtlessly tossed like any other garbage into landfills and dumps. This is not only tragic because they aren’t being used for the hundreds of thousands of adults, children, and infants they could clothes, but also because of the space they take up in garbage heaps, which are growing exponentially and harming our environment. Upcycling clothes in this manner is much like recycling aluminum cans or plastic—it’s the right thing to do, helps our environment, and helps us reuse materials to keep the costs of certain items lower.

Perhaps the coolest part of what Clothes for the Cause offers is the chance for a new trend in charitable organizations. Clothing and other raw fabrics like sheets and bedding can be repurposed in numerous ways, including making “pillow case dresses” for little girls in Africa, quilts for children and families all over the planet, be used in animal shelters for bedding, and so much more.

And it isn’t just t-shirts and sweatpants that Clothes for the Cause will take off your hands—your old work ensembles, button-downs—even children’s plush toys, terrycloth rags and towels, handbags, and even draperies! The level of versatility means you as a consumer with clothes and other textile items in your home have the chance to give back in a way you had probably never heard of or considered while freeing up space in your home.

Clothes for the Cause makes it easy to contribute. Often coming to towns all across America for clothing and textile drives and fundraisers, as a member of your community you can bring your used items to a sponsored event. In addition, Clothes for the Cause has trucks that service neighborhoods all over the place that are happy to drop by your home or apartment to pick up bags of goodies. The icing on the cake? Clothes for the Cause ensures that any monies made as part of their fundraising efforts go to the Make-A-Wish foundation across the upper Northwestern US as well as churches, schools, and other groups that need financial help to stay afloat. The next time you think about dropping your old duds into the dumpster, think twice and contact Clothes for the Cause instead.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Nordstrom mothers day


Donatella Versace once said, “Do not be out-blinged by a rapper.”

On Mother’s Day, give mom the chance to follow Donatella’s advice. From fine jewelry to custom, Nordstrom has that perfect bling for mom.

Some great spring gift ideas that recipients will treasure


Spring brings many holidays and occasions to consumers, and many may find that they need to purchase gifts to mark some of these events. Amid the expansive options available, it might prove challenging to determine what they should buy while staying within a fixed or allotted budget.

There are some great gift options found through online vendors and sites, and many of these quality items are priced far below what might be found in some local retail venues. Furthermore, it is easier to locate the right size, color, or style of particular items when shopping from the expansive selections offered by online merchants. Some exemplary items that could fit Easter, Graduation, and Father’s Day gift affairs include the following:

  • High-end sports equipment such as golfing gear is a popular option. The season beckons those with a love of the game, and new gear inspires many to improve their performance on the course.
  • Quality polo shirts are a wonderful option that are found in an array of fine fabrics with unique details. Everyone loves the easy wear and comfortable style of a great polo shirt.
  • Peter Millar golf pants are another item that will say “spring” to those that enjoy the game. The comfort and ventilated utility of these pants make them the ideal gift for dad or the graduate, and is something that they will love to wear.

Great gifts don’t have to cost a fortune, nor are they hard to find. Shop from some of the reputable online merchants to find some unexpected items that are sure to bring a smile from the face of the recipient.


Five Things to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Fur Coat

Fox fur coat

Fox_fur_coats_2Your purchase of a fur coat should be one which you enjoy for a long time. This purchase represents both a gift of luxury and an investment in yourself. Before you make the final purchase, you’ll need to answer some important questions, such as determining just how you expect to use the coat: Do you want to save it for special occasions or will it be your go-to coat?

Answer the following questions in order to determine which fur coats will be the most appropriate for your style and situation:

What type of fur does your lifestyle call for?
Do you intend to use the fur as a cherished item which you pull out only on special, black-tie occasions? Are you hoping to wear the fur every day whether you are wearing jeans or have dressed up for an evening out? The different types of furs have varying abilities to stand up to use and the elements which they are exposed to. For example, rabbit, fox, and chinchilla furs tend to be delicate and must be handled with care. More durable furs include mink, raccoon, lamb, and beaver.

The answer to this question might also determine the color of the lining as well. Darker linings can conceal a lot in between cleanings and lighter linings will require continual care and frequent washing. You can often have the lining cleaned while it is still attached to the fur, but in some cases, you will need to have the lining removed for a cleaning and then sewn back onto the fur, especially if you have chosen a lighter colored fur.

What statement do you want to make with your fur coat?
There are many different types of fur coats for sale. Some are trendy with modern flair while others present a timeless appeal. Are you looking for a high fashion statement coat? As you think about your lifestyle and the situations in which you will be wearing the coat, keep your stylistic goals in mind as well.

Decide which length will be best for you.

There are several options when it comes to length. These include:
• A long coat
• The short coat
• Long jacket
• Short jacket
• A vest
• The cape

To make this decision you will need to consider your previous answers and combine that information with your own preferences. If warmth and classic style are your primary goals, then a long coat may be most appropriate. On the other hand, a short jacket or vest could easily become an eye-catching statement piece. There are many different combinations to achieve the look you are hoping for.

How well do the different styles fit you?

If you are hoping to achieve a slim look with your fur coat, then shorter haired furs are most appropriate. These include sheared beaver and mink, among others. Longer haired furs, such as fox or coyote, can add extra weight to your appearance. Consider your silhouette in the coat and try to picture this silhouette from several different angles before making your purchase.

What price range are you interested in?
Today, fur coats can be available to people with a wide variety of budgets. From a fur coat destined for daily wear to the fur which will be used once or twice at high end events, the price range offers an option for just about anyone who enjoys the feel and flair of a fur coat.

Weddings on a Budget

beach weddingThe economy is on its way to recovery, but that does not mean that everyone has money in the bank again. Couples may have decided to postpone having children until their economic recovery is more secure, but that does not mean that they have chosen to postpone marriage while waiting on rebuilding their financial future.

Some couples may have made budget choices in order to continue with their plans to get married. This may mean that they have opted to have a smaller wedding with fewer guests. It may also mean that they have chosen not to include fresh flowers or other expenses that will eat up the budget, but provide no lasting result.

There are other ways young couples can offset some of the more traditional costs of weddings. They may decide to postpone their honeymoon to that exotic island until their 10-year anniversary. They may decide that a cubic zirconia engagement ring might be a better option than the expense of a large diamond ring. They may have decided to host a dinner party in their home for their wedding reception rather than reserve a hall and hire a band. All of these little things can help to make a budget go a long way towards other things that they may need in the future.

A smart start to the wedding will take much of the stress off the newlyweds and their families. While a seven day honeymoon to a Caribbean island is a nice getaway, if it stresses the credit cards and causes them to go into debt, it is not much of a getaway since they will not be able to get away from the monthly bills.

The budget should not stop at the wedding. Many couples forget to continue to budget as they start their lives together. It is easy to enjoy a night out without breaking the budget. It is also easy to give each other gifts like jewelry that is affordable and very classy. By choosing to watch their money in the beginning, they will ensure that they have money when they get ready to retire.

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