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How the Handbag Became a Crucial Part of Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Nowadays, a woman rarely leaves home without her handbag, and she certainly never goes on a shopping trip or runs errands without it. The handbag has become a crucial part of every woman’s wardrobe, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Small Pants Pockets

Modern-day women’s jeans are designed to be as figure-flattering as possible. Although modern jean styles help to ensure that a woman looks attractive and thin, they are not very practical when it comes to carrying important items around. Keys, credit cards, lip gloss, and other items that women use regularly cannot usually fit comfortably inside the petite pockets of women’s jeans. Because of this unfortunate fact, the handbag has become invaluable for its ability to carry and organize all of the items that a woman needs on a day-to-day basis.

2. Discreetness

The handbag has become a chamber of secrets for many women, and is a safe place to store deodorants, sanitary napkins, and other potentially embarrassing items so that others cannot see them. The handbag makes it easy to carry around these types of items in a very discreet way.

3. Fashion

Of course, one of the main reasons that women love their handbags so much is because they are so attractive and fashionable. The right handbag can bring an entire outfit together and can make a woman look and feel more confident.

Much like the fairy tale character Cinderella, the modern-day handbag started from very humble beginnings and slowly became the crucial wardrobe piece that it is today.

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Choosing The Finest Pearl Necklaces

pearl necklace
Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, owned one of the most famous collections of natural pearls.

Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, owned one of the most famous collections of natural pearls.

Choosing the finest pearl necklace for a lady has more to do with her personal style than anything. Ladies want to wear jewelry that is going to make them look and feel amazing, and men need to understand how this jewelry works.

The right gift of jewelry is the gift that was carefully thought out before it was purchased from a place like Laguna

One Long Strand

Most men see a long strand of pearls and imagine that it is only meant to be worn a it is. Some women will wear one long strand of pearls without altering it, but men need to understand that one long strand of pearls can be altered in many exciting ways.

Some women will tie a knot in the strand to give it a little character. Other women will tie multiple knots in the strand to create a necklace that look completely different.

Still other women will wrap the strand around their neck and create a choker that they can wear with formal attired. A man who purchases a long strand of pearls is giving his lady many options that she does not have with other jewelry.

In Combination

Many pearls are found in combination with other items on the strand. A pearl could be just one part of a much larger necklace, and ladies may enjoy all the parts of the necklace equally. However, the pearls are the star of the show when they are represented in a long necklace.

Short Necklaces

Some women prefer to wear just one strand of pearls that gently graces their neckline. These pearl strands are perfect for women who are wearing shirts, sweaters and dresses that leave their chest open. The pearls can be the main piece in a woman’s outfit, and she can wear that necklace every day as a part of her personal style statement.

When women want to wear beautiful pearl necklaces, they need their gentlemen to choose the strands that work best. Some women prefer a long strand that they can play with, but other prefer a short strand that can be the centerpiece of their style from day to day.

How to Wear Sleeveless Shirts for Men

sleeveless shirts2

sleeveless shirtsSleeveless t-shirts first started appearing on men in the 70’s and 80’s, and skyrocketed in popularity as bodybuilders and athletes began wearing them. However, they took a hit in the 90’s, and there are many ways to wear a sleeveless shirt and look ridiculous. These shirts are starting to come back, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid a fashion disaster. Here’s a guide to wearing sleeveless shirts for men.

Layering it

First of all, determine whether you’re going to be wearing the sleeveless shirt on its own or as an undershirt. Sleeveless shirts look great when layered under button down shirts or tees; they also work especially well underneath a basketball jersey. However, if you’re going to be layering, you should avoid any print or decoration on the sleeveless shirt and keep it a neutral color such as white, gray, or black.

Choosing a Color

If you wear the shirt on its own, however, then you have a lot more latitude in choosing the color. Blue, red, dark purple or green are all great masculine choices. You might want to take your skin tone into account, though—dark muted hues work better for men with heavy tans and dark skin tones, while brighter colors work better for paler guys. If you like the color and can wear it with confidence, though, go for it.

Rock the Shirt

Make sure that the shirt flatters your body type. Sleeveless shirts emphasize muscular physiques, flat stomachs, and large biceps. If you have an athletic build, then by all means go sleeveless. You can still get away with a sleeveless shirt if you have an average or stocky body however. Choose a looser shirt, which can make your chest look fuller and divert attention from your biceps. Also, darker colors can make the wearer look slimmer than he really is. If you want your chest to look fuller, try layering two sleeveless shirts together.

Don’t Show Off

Although a sleeveless shirt can make you look great, a little modesty never hurt anyone. Even if you have fantastic abs, it’s best to let other people notice on their own instead of showing them off through a small, super tight tank. If you wear sleeveless shirts that leave little or nothing to the imagination, then people are likely to notice your muscles first and your vanity second. Steer away from the tightest shirts and you’ll manage to show off your body without looking conceited. Also, stick with rounder necklines, since they show less skin.

Keep it Together

Try to balance your top and bottom. If you’re wearing a flashy sleeveless shirt with bright colors or dramatic prints, you’ll probably want to stick with plain denim or khaki shorts. However, plain shirts can look really good with patterned shorts or flashy vintage jeans. Don’t make your pants and shirt fight for attention.

Where to Wear

Finally, sleeveless shirts can’t be worn everywhere. They are great for casual parties, the beach, or the gym, but they shouldn’t be worn to work. Also, these only work in warmer weather. Sleeveless shirts in the winter just look silly.

There are many reasons to love sleeveless t-shirts—they’re cheap, versatile, and really enhance your physique. With a good shirt and these tips, you can’t go wrong, so get out there and lose those sleeves!

Your Best Boots: How to Pick the Right Style

boots doc martens suede

suede bootsBoots are a necessity to every girl’s wardrobe; whether it be winter or summer, a good pair of boots always need to be on hand! There’s never been a girl who’s bought a pair of boots and then regretted it – they’re so important! Sometimes there’s an outfit that won’t work until you have the perfect pair of boots – but how do you pick the perfect pair? Fear not – continue reading and you’ll find out!

High or low?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you’re going to benefit from high boots or low, ankle cut boots. The best way to do this is to consider what you’ll be wearing more, and what season you’re in.

For winter, you’ll be mostly wearing jeans and tights, or skirts with stockings – obviously in this situation, high boots look fab. However, you can’t go wrong with ankle boots either – they look good with skirts, dresses and pants! Sometimes, when wearing high boots with skirts you can end up looking more 70s than most people intend; so if you often wear short skirts or dresses, perhaps ankle boots are the best choice for you.


The colour doesn’t really matter too much – black and grey go with everything. However, if you’re after a statement pair of boots, and you’re opting with a red hue, beware! Red does not go with everything. Of course, if you wear a lot of red, or most of your clothes are dark blacks and greys, red will definitely work – but if you don’t, think before you take the plunge on that ‘out-there’ colour for your boots!


doc martens floralSuede or leather? It’s an age-old question that plagues girls across the world when it comes to buying boots. It seems so simple, but it’s not. Both suede and leather have their perks – and their downsides.

Suede is dressier and often nicer, but leather is more durable. Suede can get bald spots, but leather wrinkles and creases with age. Suede doesn’t do well with the rain, but leather fades.

In the end, it depends on what type of life you lead – if you’re outdoors often, and you’re country sees a lot of rain, leather would probably be the best bet for you. If you like the indoors, and need your boots to be dressed up, go with suede!

Boots are imperative to the success of any wardrobe – every female in this world needs a reliable pair of boots in case the situation arises that she needs a pair!

Whether it be ankle boots, knee-high boots, Dr. Martens, whatever – a girl needs boots! If you’ve read this list and thought to yourself, “damn, where are my trusty, reliable, constantly stylish, handy dandy boots?”, then you need to head straight to Universal Store and invest in a pair of said handy dandy boots! For the sake of your wardrobe: get a pair of nice boots!

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