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Five Things to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Fur Coat

Fox fur coat

Fox_fur_coats_2Your purchase of a fur coat should be one which you enjoy for a long time. This purchase represents both a gift of luxury and an investment in yourself. Before you make the final purchase, you’ll need to answer some important questions, such as determining just how you expect to use the coat: Do you want to save it for special occasions or will it be your go-to coat?

Answer the following questions in order to determine which fur coats will be the most appropriate for your style and situation:

What type of fur does your lifestyle call for?
Do you intend to use the fur as a cherished item which you pull out only on special, black-tie occasions? Are you hoping to wear the fur every day whether you are wearing jeans or have dressed up for an evening out? The different types of furs have varying abilities to stand up to use and the elements which they are exposed to. For example, rabbit, fox, and chinchilla furs tend to be delicate and must be handled with care. More durable furs include mink, raccoon, lamb, and beaver.

The answer to this question might also determine the color of the lining as well. Darker linings can conceal a lot in between cleanings and lighter linings will require continual care and frequent washing. You can often have the lining cleaned while it is still attached to the fur, but in some cases, you will need to have the lining removed for a cleaning and then sewn back onto the fur, especially if you have chosen a lighter colored fur.

What statement do you want to make with your fur coat?
There are many different types of fur coats for sale. Some are trendy with modern flair while others present a timeless appeal. Are you looking for a high fashion statement coat? As you think about your lifestyle and the situations in which you will be wearing the coat, keep your stylistic goals in mind as well.

Decide which length will be best for you.

There are several options when it comes to length. These include:
• A long coat
• The short coat
• Long jacket
• Short jacket
• A vest
• The cape

To make this decision you will need to consider your previous answers and combine that information with your own preferences. If warmth and classic style are your primary goals, then a long coat may be most appropriate. On the other hand, a short jacket or vest could easily become an eye-catching statement piece. There are many different combinations to achieve the look you are hoping for.

How well do the different styles fit you?

If you are hoping to achieve a slim look with your fur coat, then shorter haired furs are most appropriate. These include sheared beaver and mink, among others. Longer haired furs, such as fox or coyote, can add extra weight to your appearance. Consider your silhouette in the coat and try to picture this silhouette from several different angles before making your purchase.

What price range are you interested in?
Today, fur coats can be available to people with a wide variety of budgets. From a fur coat destined for daily wear to the fur which will be used once or twice at high end events, the price range offers an option for just about anyone who enjoys the feel and flair of a fur coat.

Weddings on a Budget

beach weddingThe economy is on its way to recovery, but that does not mean that everyone has money in the bank again. Couples may have decided to postpone having children until their economic recovery is more secure, but that does not mean that they have chosen to postpone marriage while waiting on rebuilding their financial future.

Some couples may have made budget choices in order to continue with their plans to get married. This may mean that they have opted to have a smaller wedding with fewer guests. It may also mean that they have chosen not to include fresh flowers or other expenses that will eat up the budget, but provide no lasting result.

There are other ways young couples can offset some of the more traditional costs of weddings. They may decide to postpone their honeymoon to that exotic island until their 10-year anniversary. They may decide that a cubic zirconia engagement ring might be a better option than the expense of a large diamond ring. They may have decided to host a dinner party in their home for their wedding reception rather than reserve a hall and hire a band. All of these little things can help to make a budget go a long way towards other things that they may need in the future.

A smart start to the wedding will take much of the stress off the newlyweds and their families. While a seven day honeymoon to a Caribbean island is a nice getaway, if it stresses the credit cards and causes them to go into debt, it is not much of a getaway since they will not be able to get away from the monthly bills.

The budget should not stop at the wedding. Many couples forget to continue to budget as they start their lives together. It is easy to enjoy a night out without breaking the budget. It is also easy to give each other gifts like jewelry that is affordable and very classy. By choosing to watch their money in the beginning, they will ensure that they have money when they get ready to retire.

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Choosing a Dress for a Beauty Pageant

Miss_Universe_2008,_Dayana_Mendoza2Being in a pageant can be a huge honor. It can also be a way to further your career and to grow as an individual. Pageants are a great way to learn important life skills, and are often a stepping stone for young men and women. But being in a pageant takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Thankfully, with these tips and tricks you will be on the road to a crown in no time at all.

Most pageants consist of multiple rounds. There will sometimes be a swimwear round, though that depends on the season and the area. A talent round is usually included, as a way for the judges to get to know you and see what makes you unique. There will also be an evening wear round, which can be the most difficult one to prepare for.

When it comes to choosing the right dress for a pageant, you will want to keep several things in mind. First is choosing a dress that is made for pageantry. These dresses are made to account for the lights, the distance and being up on the stage. Certain formal dresses may not translate as well to pageants, as they don’t have the sparkle and shine necessary to stand out.

You will also want to choose a pageant dress that fits your own personal body type. You will want a dress that accents your good points and helps to hide your less than good features as well. If you are someone who is blessed with a full bust, you may want to look into a dress with a plunging neckline. If you are someone who has long legs, you may want to look into getting a dress that has a slit in the side to help play up your legs.

A princess cut dress is a great choice for someone who is looking to hide their midsection without taking away from the cut of the dress. You can often find pageant dresses in stock at local bridal shops.

No matter what dress you decide to choose, make sure it is something that you feel confident in. No matter how popular a dress style may be, it does you no good if you don’t feel beautiful while you are wearing it. Something unique can even help you to stand out from the crowd, so long as you wear it well and like the way that you look while you are wearing it.


From Kurros to Captain Kirk: Hiding a Bald Spot at Star Trek

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

For famous men, wearing a hairpiece is often a well-kept secret, as, like most men, even the famous do not want to admit to growing bald. However, there are a few of the famous who freely admit to using hairpieces, saying that there is nothing wrong with hiding their bald spots.

Jason Alexander

The star of “Seinfeld” recently squashed rumors that he had undergone treatment for baldness when he told fans that he had been wearing a hairpiece.

Alexander, who says he began losing his hair at 17, found that his baldness allowed him to be cast in roles making him look older than he was, opening him up for better parts.

However, as his baldness grew, he found that his head became a “big beacon,” reflecting the light in a way that was distracting. He considered implants, but wanted the option of continuing to play bald characters, and because his baldness had almost become a trademark for him.

He now wears a hairpiece that still shows his receding hairline, but lessening the baldness on the rest of his head, yet still giving him the look he had ten years ago.

Ted Danson

While working on the show “Cheers,” Ted Danson did have a small bald spot on the back of his head, but that was not the most surprising information he released about his hair. In fact, Danson had begun to gray, so not only did he use a very small hairpiece, he colored his hair. In the later years of the show, and during his stint on “Becker,” Danson wore a larger hairpiece to cover the baldness.

Jason Alexander (left) as Kurros in Star Trek Voyager

Jason Alexander (left) as Kurros in Star Trek Voyager

Andre Agassi

The long, flowing locks that Andre Agassi was known for during his tennis career in the 1990s was actually a men’s hairpiece, the star has reported. In his autobiography, “Open,” Agassi explains that he was devastated to be losing his hair at such a young age, and decided to wear a hairpiece to cover up his growing baldness. He says he was so concerned about it falling off, he did not play as well in his first Grand Slam, and blames the hairpiece for his loss that year.

William Shatner

William Shatner began balding before he accepted the role of James Kirk, and has worn a hairpiece since 1957. In fact, newly released “Star Trek” episodes, which have been digitized, clearly show the lace of the hairpieces used on Shatner. Through his career on television shows such as “TJ Hooker” and “Boston Legal,” Shatner continued to wear men’s hairpieces to cover his baldness.

These famous men all freely admit that they have worn hairpieces for various reasons. Jason Alexander and Ted Danson both say it was to keep the characters they played consistent, and that is probably the reason William Shatner did as well. For Andre Agassi, the reason was related to body image. Find more information on hairpieces for men at

Photos courtesy of Star Trek

Totes & Bags for Men


Arguably the best thing about Ghurka is its dedication and commitment to preserving the art of American craftsmanship through providing top-notch, quality leather items that are made to withstand the test of time.

Since the 1970s, Ghurka has taken pride in its knowledgeable and skilled artisans who take their time to craft leather items that are of the utmost quality and style.

Ghurka bags and accessories are renowned for their function, style, and simple beauty. The company’s founder, Marley Hodgson, made his first bag for his grandson in the 1970s and that same bag is still in use today. The items are built to last.

Ghurka designs and produces leather products like wallets, backpacks, duffel bags, luggage, totes, toiletry bags, and garment bags with great care and perfection.

If you are looking for mens luggage, you will enjoy browsing the selections of duffel bags, wheeled rolling luggage, garment bags, carry-ons, wallets, and toiletry bags when you visit

Some styles of bags that you will find include the “Chestnut Leather Duffel Bag”, the “Vintage Black Leather Garment Bag”, and the “Vintage Army Carry-on”. The styles and items can be mix-and-matched so that you can build a whole set of luggage all in the same style if you like.

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