The Covers Have Spoken: 2017 Was Fashion’s Most Inclusive Year Yet

  NEW YORK, NY December 18, 2017 This year was a tumultuous one for fashion media companies, but an encouraging one when it came to diversity in the industry. While we bade goodbye to Teen Vogue and Nylon’s diversity-championing print editions and read boundary-pusher Bullett’s brutally honest eulogy, we rejoiced at the sight of increasingly multiethnic runways and print ads (both of which, for...
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Louis Vuitton Beats Out Hermès, Gucci, Prada and Dior for Top Fashion Brand in the World

NEW YORK, NY December 1, 2017 Louis Vuitton has been named the best fashion brand in the world, according to global brand consultancy Interbrand. The French luxury label came in 19th place overall, with Apple, Google and Microsoft rounding out the top three.  “Louis Vuitton has connected the brand into culture,” Rebecca Robins, global director...
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What Took So Long? Condé Nast and Valentino Vow to Stop Working With Accused Sexual Predator Terry Richardson

    NEW YORK, NY December 1, 2017 It took years of built-up accusations and a sexual assault scandal of unprecedented magnitude (we’re referring, of course, to Harvey Weinstein’s public downfall) but finally (some of) the fashion industry is taking a stance on notoriously predatory photographer Terry Richardson’s long-contested behavior. On Tuesday, the Telegraph reported that Richardson had been barred from...
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